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brushed crafted stainless steel drop-in sink

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Graham Drop-in Crafted Stainless Steel Sink in Brushed

Model #SK703-33HSB

The Graham combines the best features from Sinkology's FORTIFY Collection of Crafted Stainless Steel Sinks. Showcasing Sinkology's modern update to the beloved stainless steel material, the Graham's Crafted Stainless Steel surface is hand-hammered to offer a beautifully distinct style and reinforced durability. The extra-large single-bowl basin is large enough to tackle any kitchen needs, and the drop-in installation style means upgrading your kitchen is hassle free and convenient. Ideal for instant updates and weekend projects, the Graham features a reinforced faucet deck to eliminate any deck movement and includes tie down clips and hardware. The FORTIFY Collection of Crafted Stainless Steel sinks by Sinkology brings a beautiful, modern update to one of America's most beloved kitchen sink materials. Crafted Stainless Steel is not ordinary stainless steel—it has all of the time-tested benefits like durability and shine, but with intricate, hand-hammered detailing to enhance the material’s design and luster. This model of the Graham features a matte, brushed finish; a high-shine, polished finish is available.This understated, matte finish offers a unique look to classic stainless steel. Our brushed finish matches existing stainless-steel faucets, but graciously hides scratches and fingerprints for extended life and beauty.

  • Dimensions: 33" x 22" x 8"
  • Bowl dimensions: 31" x 17" x 8"
  • Drain size: 3.5"
  • 18-gauge
  • Finish: Brushed
  • The Graham is ideal for weekend warriors and quick projects: the extra-large, 33-inch sink is installed as a drop-in sink for simple, straightforward kitchen upgrades.
  • Complete with underside-mounted sound dampening pads, the Graham was designed to minimize the clangs and bangs of pots and pans. You can entertain with confidence knowing that unnecessary noise is taken care of with your Graham sink.
  • Constructed from high-quality 18-gauge stainless steel, the FORTIFY Collection of sinks are hammered by true artisans. During the hammering process, the natural durability of stainless steel is reinforced and the material becomes increasingly durable and resistant.
  • Each Graham kitchen sink is uniquely handcrafted, meaning no two sinks are exactly alike. This work of art features gorgeous hammering detail that reflects light in unexpected ways and creates a visibly stunning surface that is as glamorous as it is useful.
  • Sinkology’s Crafted Stainless Steel is a modern twist on a classic material. For decades, families have loved the reliability of a stainless steel sink. The Graham’s Crafted Stainless Steel takes the time-tested benefits of durability, affordability, and universal appeal to the next level with an artisan, hand-detailed finish that’s ideal for kitchens of all styles and designs.
  • The Graham’s extra large single-bowl basin is durable, reliable, and gorgeous. Created from 18-gauge stainless steel, the Graham brings home all of the time-tested benefits of high-quality stainless steel but with a new, modern look that’s ready for contemporary kitchens of all designs and styles.
  • The Graham is specifically designed as a drop-in sink to offer the convenience of easy, straightforward installation in Sinkology’s FORTIFY Collection of Crafted Stainless Steel sinks. The Graham also comes with a reinforced deckplate to eliminate any deck movement, and your sink comes with tie-down clips and hardware.
  • 36 in. minimum cabinet base recommended
  • Recommended Drains: Stainless Steel Strainer Drain (Model #TB35-03) and Stainless Steel Disposal Drain (Model #TD35-03)
  • Recommended Bottom Grid: SinkSense Wren Bottom Grid in Stainless Steel (Model #SG008-27ST)
  • As part of the FORTIFY Collection of Crafted Stainless Steel sinks by Sinkology, the Graham is protected by our Everyday Promise, a lifetime guarantee that the sink will perform as expected under normal daily use.