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About Sinkology

At Sinkology, we are on a mission to craft unique, high-quality kitchen, bath, and home décor products that inspire real people to find beauty in their homes and lives.

Sinkology can be defined as the study of sinks: we are here to educate, support, and encourage you as you shop for the right sink for your project. When you choose one of our products, we will be with you every step of the way. Our Sinkology family is proud of the products we create, and we stand behind them with a lifetime warranty. In everything we do, we prioritize your satisfaction, which means we believe in offering great customer service to every customer, every day. Your experience with us defines our business.

Sinkology products are handcrafted to handle the bumps, drops, and messes that come with daily life. We make products our own families love, and our decades of expertise helps us design options that will work for you, so you can stay focused on the people and experiences that really matter.

We want to keep home improvement fun. We want to make your decisions simple and help you find the right high-quality products for your home without breaking your budget. Sinkology partners with leading home improvement retailers to make our products quick to find, easy to buy, fast to ship, and simple to install.

At Sinkology, we believe that a home isn’t just walls, windows, and doors. Home is the place that creativity is encouraged, and new ideas are explored. It’s the feeling of retreating to a beautiful copper tub for the perfect end to an imperfect day. It’s where the right sink transforms a kitchen from a standard space to a gathering place for sharing and laughing and growing.

With Sinkology, you are home.


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