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About Sinkology Products

We only offer the best possible quality kitchen and bathroom sinks and products at the best possible price. No less – but so much more.

We take pride in the work we do at Sinkology. Everything from our copper sink design process to our finishing and packaging is strenuously tested for the highest quality at the best price. Our team of design experts and coppersmiths create modern and classic copper sinks based on the most current trends and styles. Our artisans handcraft and hand-hammer each and every copper sink, giving each one it’s own unique flair. Our copper sinks and copper bathtubs are made through proven processes that provide the cleanest and purest copper product possible.

Our accessories are handmade by our team of artisans, or are only sourced from the best possible partners in the industry. We fully vet our partners, and we select them based on products and companies that we truly believe in. Regardless of where a Sinkology product comes from, all of our products carry our lifetime warranty. So, you can be sure you are protected.

Sinkology’s Environmental Responsibility

For Sinkology, environmental responsibility is important. We do our best to ensure our copper products and practices are as green as possible. Lucky for us, copper is a naturally occurring and earth-friendly element. Copper has been used for thousands of years because it is durable, yet malleable – the perfect material to apply a beautiful design to a lifelong product. Because they are made to last longer than porcelain sinks and tubs, they produce less waste (less materials, accessories, production and packaging waste).

Copper is also extremely reusable and recyclable. When you choose a Sinkology copper sink for your kitchen or bathroom, not only are you making an investment in beauty and durability, but you’re also being eco-conscious. Good on you for making sustainable decisions!

We are also committed to preserving the environment through our production practices to ensure our company makes the smallest impact possible.

The “Living Finish” of Copper

The appearance of copper sinks and other copper products change over the course of their lifetime. Think about a shiny new penny that darkens with age. This is called the patina and is one of the most beautiful things about copper. The patina is a natural finish that acts as a protective coating for copper. The effect gives copper rich and unique earth tones that continue to change, but also gives copper its unique anti-microbial properties.

Certain chemicals can strip the patina to give your sink a polished-looking shine or the appearance of stains and marks. Just remember, your sink will eventually heal itself and will gradually return to the rich brown color of the patina covering up spots and scratches. Copper sinks from Sinkology will patina like any other copper sink, but our quality, service, lifetime warranties, and dedication will never change.

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