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All-In-One Kits

We coordinate the right Copper, SureFire® Fireclay, or Crafted Stainless Steel sink with a trusted Pfister faucet and Sinkology accessories to make a simple, quick, and affordable solution for you.

Copper, Fireclay, and Stainless Steel All-In-One Kits

At Sinkology, we want to keep home improvement fun. We want to make your decisions simple and help you find the right high-quality products for your home without breaking your budget.

Our design kits make it easy to design the sink that works best for your style and your home. We know all of our customers have different, beautiful homes, and we’ve paired our fireclay and granite sinks with faucets from Pfister to create a ready-to-install solution for your home. Sinkology’s design kits feature a variety of looks and styles to keep you feeling inspired, but we never sacrifice on quality or functionality. Your kit comes complete with everything you need to keep your project moving forward, and our customer service team is here for you if you have questions along the way.

You have hundreds of decisions to make every day. Our design kits eliminate the stress of additional choices. We coordinate the right copper, SureFire™ Fireclay, or Crafted Stainless Steel sink with the right faucet and accessories to make a simple, quick, and affordable solution for you. Plus, all of Sinkology’s products, including your kit’s kitchen sink, bottom grid(s), and your drain, are covered by Sinkology’s Lifetime Warranty–the Everyday Promise. We’re proud to offer Pfister’s trusted line of faucets, and you can rest assured knowing your faucet’s function and finish are protected by the Pfister Pforever warranty.

5 Steps to a Perfectly Designed Kitchen Sink

Step 1: Pick your handcrafted Sinkology sink. Start your customized kit by selecting one of our beautiful handcrafted sinks as the foundation for your design kit. You can pick from our INSPIRE collection of fireclay farmhouse sinks, the FORTIFY Collection of Crafted Stainless Steel sinks or handcrafted copper sinks.

Step 2: Select your perfect faucet. We’ve partnered with one of the strongest companies in the industry to offer a variety of different styles and options of Pfister faucets. Compare models, finishes, handle styles, and features to find the faucet that matches your style best.

Step 3: Choose your drain. The small details make a big difference. Pick your preference between Sinkology’s rich Antique Bronze finish or classic Stainless Steel for your sink’s drain. We offer strainer drains and disposal flanges (for sinks with a garbage disposal) in both color options.

Step 4: Add your grid. Sinkology’s bottom grids are designed to protect the surface of your sink as well as offer a barrier and cushion for fragile dishes. We offer grids for most sink sizes that we sell, and our grids are available in both Antique Bronze and Stainless Steel. Each kitchen sink grid includes thick vinyl feet and are fully protected by Sinkology’s Lifetime Warranty. Our bottom grids are also dishwasher safe.

Step 5: Complete your kit. Our All-In-One design kits come with a little extra. If you buy a copper sink all-in-one kit, you get a Sinkology Copper CareIQ® Kit, but our fireclay kits come with our exclusive Breeze Non-Scratch Scrubber. This long-lasting, mildew-resistant scrubber from Sinkology is made from patented Clean-GuardTM silicone. It’s soft so it won’t scratch your sink, pots, pans, or other dishes; but, it is also firm, so it’s great at scrubbing off stubborn deposits. The Breeze Scrubber is lightly lavender scented, comes with a three-month no odor warranty, and is made in the U.S.A.