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A DIY Outdoor Bar Sink

Oct 2017

Sinkology is proud to present Kendra Williams, a home decor expert, DIYer, furniture refinisher, and busy mom as a guest blogger. Kendra runs the blog at Momtique and she is here to share some design ideas and inspiration around designing your home with copper and around your copper sink.

I am so excited to share this project with you! My absolute favorite type of DIY undertaking is painting furniture. I love turning a forgotten, and in this case a rather unique, piece into something worth loving again.  Watching the transformation, with each brush stroke, brings so much joy and this cabinet was no exception.  As you can see, it has a lot of character.  There was so much potential and I couldn’t wait to get started. One of my favorite things about this cabinet was the ornate details on the upper and lower side corners and on the bottom middle section.  I knew, with a little paint, these details would look amazing.  I didn’t want to simply paint this piece and be done.  I had a vision to turn this into a beautiful outdoor bar sink.  The depth was a perfect fit for Sinkology’s Seurat Bar and Prep Copper Sink.

Here’s the before, right after we purchased it from a vintage market.

The first step to get this piece ready to be transformed into a bar was to carefully cut the spot for the sink to fit.  My dad was sweet enough to help me. He also took the front off of the top drawer making space to work with the plumbing when it’s time to hook it up.

Here it is after the opening was cut and the top drawer was removed.

The next step was to assess the overall condition of the piece. It was covered with a multitude of nicks and bumps that were intentional in the overall look and design.  Some of those “blemishes” I left as-is because I hoped it might add some depth after it was painted.  Other blemishes, I either sanded down or filled in.  Once it was in acceptable condition, I was able to start on my favorite part…painting! I used a soft white chalk paint color.  I was a little nervous that the scenery was going to be difficult to paint over or perhaps it might bleed through, but I was pleasantly surprised how well it covered. After the paint dried, I sealed it so that it would be safe to use outdoors.

Now it’s ready for the sink!

I can’t say enough about how it turned out.  I am absolutely smitten.  The beautiful Sinkology Seurat Bar and Prep Copper Sink is a perfect fit and the soft white paint color complements it effortlessly.  This is going to be an amazing centerpiece for the yard.

It’s amazing to see vision come to life.  This transformation was such a rewarding project. Can you imagine pool parties, anniversaries, birthday bashes, and backyard dinners with this beautiful statement piece? I know I can.

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