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Bathroom Sink Installation 101

Jun 2021

As you scroll through our selection of bathroom sinks, it’s easy to fall in love with one…or more. But before you fall too hard too fast, it’s important to understand what it will take to install your dream sink. If you want to take on all of your bathroom renovations on your own, get to know our sink installation styles before diving in. We offer an array of options to accommodate all types of renovators. So today, we rank our bathroom sinks’ installation intensity, starting with the most DIY-friendly.  


Drop-In Sinks


Our drop-in bathroom sinks are made for the weekend warriors of all skill levels who don’t want to waste their valuable time completing complicated steps just to upgrade their bathrooms. Designed to fit perfectly into pre-cut countertops, our drop-in sinks are so simple to install that even the most amateur DIYer can get this project done quickly and easily. But just because it’s easy to install by simply fitting into a standard cut countertop doesn’t mean it will look any less elegant once it’s in your countertop. In fact, we designed our line of drop-in sinks to add one-of-a-kind beauty that’s anything but ordinary. 


Pro Tip: Our drop-in sinks don’t use mounting hardware. But we recommend using expanding foam and 100% silicone to secure your sink.


undermount naked copper sink

Undermount Sinks


Our undermount bathroom sinks bring the same ease of drop-in along with a high-end, seamless look. Like our drop-in bathroom sinks, our undermount bathroom sinks fit easily into pre-cut countertops. But, instead of dropping the sink in to install, they attach to the granite from below. It takes slightly more skills and a bit more maneuvering to properly adhere, but we promise that it’s possible for rookies. And, no matter what level of expertise you have, everyone will appreciate the additional countertop space and easy clean-up undermounts provide.


Pro Tip: Like our drop-in sinks, our undermount sinks don’t include mounting hardware. Before you start your project, talk with the manufacturer of your countertop about which mounting hardware is recommended for your bathroom.



vessel sink

Vessel Sinks


What sets vessel sinks apart is that they actually rest on top of countertops. While this sounds simplest at surface-level (pun intended), this install requires you to drill a hole in your existing countertop. If you’re comfortable wielding a drill, you’ll find our vessel sinks to be incredibly simple to install – and so beautiful to look at once they’re on your countertops.


Pro Tip: Though preferred by some, we don’t recommend vessel mounting rings. Instead, drill a 2-3/4” hole to securely hold your sink in place.


Still not sure which sink installation is right for you? For many of our sink styles, you might not have to choose. As you browse, you’ll notice that some of our copper sinks have our exclusive Dual-Flex Rim. This feature allows you to install how you want, whether as a drop-in our undermount. No matter how you install, it’s sure to be striking. For all the nitty gritty details on how to install your Sinkology sink of choice, explore our complete installation guide with step-by-step instructions here.


If you have any additional questions during your search for the perfect copper, fireclay farmhouse sink or granite sink, our Sinkologists are here to help. Contact us or follow us on FacebookHouzzPinterest, or Instagram for more helpful tips and design ideas.