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2022 Buyer’s Guide: Bathroom Sinks

Apr 2022

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Last week, we gave you our best tips for finding a sink that’s fit for everything from handwashing your most delicate laundry to tackling your biggest messes. Today, we’ll share the three steps to take when selecting a bathroom sink.

Your bathroom sink sees a lot of action day in and day out, beyond basic handwashing. As a central part of your everyday routines, it’s important to contemplate which sink style will work best in your space – whether that be a powder room or master bathroom – before buying. But this process doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task. Simply follow these three steps:

drop-in copper bath sink

Measure the space you’re working with.

The bathroom sink is the centerpiece to your bathroom, so it needs to be sized accordingly. If it’s too large, you risk overpowering the space. Or, if the sink is too small, it will make the wrong statement. That’s why we recommend taking this first step before starting your sink shopping process.

Determine the best size of sink for your bathroom where water supply connections are available. Measurements might include:

  • The floorspace you’ll need to have free for a vanity sink.
  • Your existing counterspace if you plan on keeping your current vanity. Be sure to measure the space underneath the countertop if you look into undermount sinks. (More on that next.)

Decide how your sink will be installed.

Once you know what will work in your space, you’ll need to decide how it will get there. Most people jump right into picking out the look of the sink, but before you get ahead of yourself, think about whether this is something you feel comfortable taking on yourself or hiring out.  Your answer to this question will determine which installation type you should explore before falling for a specific style. Let’s break it down in greater detail.

If you are looking for a sink that is attached to a vanity countertop, consider:


  • This sink style is incredibly easy to install. It simply rests in a pre-cut hole with its edges helping to anchor it in place. You’ll just need to make sure that it fits perfectly within the space if you’re keeping your existing countertop.


  • If you’ve done plenty of DIY projects before, you could probably take on an undermount installation. But, if this is your first home renovation project, we recommend calling in the experts. Why? Undermounts are, like their name gives away, installed beneath countertop, which can be a bit tricky for DIY newbies. Not only that, but trained professionals will also guarantee that it fits seamlessly with the countertop, which is the best part of this sink style after all.


  • We love the look of a vessel sink, but the installation process can be difficult to take on. Since this elegant, modern sink style sits on top of the countertop, we recommend hiring professionals.


If you don’t plan on having a full vanity with lower cabinetry, consider:


  • This classic sink style is incredibly easy for most to install, making it the perfect weekend project for the powder room.


  • This sink style is perfect for the smallest bathrooms because they attach directly to the wall. The look is fabulously minimalistic, but the process of installing takes more than minimal renovation knowledge. Let the experts handle this one.

Select a sink material.

Now, it’s time for the fun stuff. When you picture a bathroom sink, chances are a crisp white sink first comes to mind. That’s because vitreous china is the most used material for bathroom sinks. The clean look is incredibly timeless and durable. But that seems rather boring to us. After all, the bathroom sink has the potential to be the room’s centerpiece. For something a little more special than standard, choose from high-quality materials like:

  • Nickel, which pairs nicely with stainless steel accessories.
  • Glass, which is best for vessel sinks.
  • Granite, which blends beautifully with natural stone countertops.
  • Copper, which is a standout, naturally antimicrobial metal.

There’s a lot to consider when finding the perfect bathroom focal point. But when you break it down step by step, you’ll find the bathroom sink shopping process to be a breeze. If you have specific questions about our bathroom sink styles, contact us.  

Stay tuned for next week’s Buying Guide: Bar & Prep Sink Edition.


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