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Before and After: A Beautiful Bathroom with Nickel Sinks

Nov 2017

Sinkology hears a lot of awesome stories from our customers about renovation projects. But it’s amazing stories like this one from Danelle, who runs The House on Winchester blog, that really turn heads. With an old Colonial home and a rough bathroom, she incorporated a buffet table and a lot of hard work to create a truly awe-inspiring example of designing with the sink in mind. Here is Danelle’s story.

Let’s put aside the fact that we had an entire house to empty due to a hoarding situation.  A 1945 Colonial style that is roughly 2500 square feet to be exact. Plans to put the house all back together had already begun… in my mind, at least.

I am the “planner” of our team (aka the general manager – ?). I take all of our needs and wants and put them together to create a space that we love and are proud of. My wifey is the “incorporator.” She takes my ideas and plans and gets the job done, with help from myself, of course. Even full of trash, I had major plans for our bathroom.  I had so many designs running through my head and had to get them all into place.

In the Bathroom

I knew I wanted the bathroom to be light and bright.  I knew I wanted to repurpose an antique buffet, that I had just purchased on a garage sale site, into our vanity. And, I knew I wanted the bathroom sinks to be shiny and silver. So, in order to use that antique buffet that I had planned for a vanity, I needed drop-in sinks.

Of course, where else does one turn, but to Pinterest.  Pinterest helped me sort out what had been spinning around in my mind during the clean out.  I took little bits and pieces of every picture that I loved for my bathroom plans and decided I wanted my bathroom to be light, bright, and sparkly.  The bathrooms with shiny silver sinks were the ones I was completely drawn to.

The Quest

I had already looked in every big box store in our area for my “shiny silver sink” idea.  One Sunday, while stuck in the house during a big snow storm here in the midwest, I decided to dedicate the day to search online for my shiny, silver sinks to get my bathroom plans rolling. Everything that popped up was a million dollars over my budget. ?? I was about to give up.

I said to the wifey out loud, “One more search and I’m done.  I’m giving up.”

I entered the words “hammered copper sinks” into my search engine.

Me: “Oh my gosh… look what popped up.”

The wifey:  “ORDER IT.”

??? Perhaps she was tired of me asking her how many other ways to describe “shiny silver sinks.”

Sinkology Polished Nickel Sinks

What popped up was Sinkology’s Dalton Nickel Bathroom Sinks and they were COMPLETELY in our price range.  I obviously pushed the ORDER button. 

My Honest Review

We get so many great compliments on our hammered nickel bathroom sinks, from friends that stop by the house, to my social media networks Instagram and Facebook. They were VERY easy to install. Deb cut the holes in our antique buffet and used a silicone adhesive to attach them to the top of the vanity. Then, of course, she sealed around the entire sink with a clear silicone bathroom sealer. For more information on how to install a drop-in bathroom sink from Sinkology, click here.\

We have had these bathroom sinks for going on two years now and with regular daily use, they clean up very nice with a mild spray cleaner. They do not have any discoloration in the nickel, whatsoever.  I couldn’t be more pleased with our “shiny silver” bathroom sinks from Sinkology.

If you have any additional questions during your search for the perfect copper sink or fireclay sink, our Sinkologists are here to help. Contact us or follow us on FacebookTwitterHouzzPinterest, or Instagram for more helpful tips and design ideas.