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Before and After: A Copper Bathroom Duet

Aug 2017

Our friends Alex and Megan were planning some renovations in their home. They decided to put one of our fireclay farmhouse sinks in their kitchen (more to come on that later), but they also wanted to redo their bathroom and turn it into a spa retreat. With a couple of kids, a dog, and full-time jobs, they wanted to be able to disappear into their bathroom, take a soak, and turn their minds off for a while. Working with them, we planned a renovation of their bathtub space and a replacement drop-in copper sink to complement.

Before: White and Stainless

Their current bathroom, while in great shape, was starting to feel a little dated. The blonde wood, stainless faucets, and white porcelain felt tired and overdone. They wanted to re-haul the bath area completely, and freshen up the sink without too much work. The goal was to have something truly unique and relaxing from the instant you walked in.

After: Copper Sink and Bronze Faucet

The sink planning was simple: a drop-in replacement copper sink. Alex and Megan’s porcelain sink was a standard size that matched the specs for the Bell drop-in copper bathroom sink from Sinkology. Paired with a Pfister rustic bronze faucet and drain, this set really jives with the existing countertops and the new Thales copper bathtub.

After: Copper Tub and Bronze Faucet

At Sinkology, we know the importance of self-care. That’s why we designed our copper bathtubs to be beautiful, comfortable, and functional. Sinkology loves baths and that’s why we are creating more and more bathtubs that will help people fall in love with their bathrooms, but more importantly, fall in love with themselves. Alex and Megan selected the Thales freestanding copper bathtub for their bathroom.

Alex did a ton of work ripping out the old tub and the tub frame. The new bathroom design concept was to display the freestanding copper bathtub as the centerpiece of the room. So, Alex and the team built a custom platform that elevated the tub and put breathing room around it. The results were stunning. With stonework along the front of the platform, reclaimed wood accents, and fresh paint, the bathtub nook instantly felt like a high-end spa. The Thales copper bathtub looks stunning nestled in the the newly designed bathtub nook.

As the renovation was taking place, our Sinkologists were on site helping with the plumbing and the installation. We documented the process and will be releasing how-to videos of the installation of both the drop-in copper sink and the freestanding copper bathtub in the upcoming weeks.

If you have any additional questions during your search for the perfect copper sink, our Sinkologists are here to help. Contact us or follow us on FacebookTwitterHouzzPinterest, or Instagram for more helpful tips and design ideas.