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Copper Stamped Key Chain

Mar 2018

Sinkology is proud to present Kendra Williams, a home decor expert, DIYer, furniture refinisher, and busy mom as a guest blogger. Kendra runs the blog at Momtique and she is here to share some design ideas and inspiration around designing your home with copper and around your copper sink.

Happy Spring! Each month I try to bring you a DIY that I have yet to attempt myself. Also, I like the idea of passing on a simple craft that requires a very limited number of supplies, only has a few steps, and requires no specific skills. I am happy to say that this month is no different. Originally, I wanted to share with you a DIY spoon stamped plant marker. I gathered everything I needed for the project: rose gold spoons, silver spoons, a hammer, and the metal stamps. I have never attempted stamping metal before, but I was eager to give it a try. I thought, how hard could it be? Well, my first attempt was a complete failure! The spoons were impossible to stamp. The metal was way too strong. Each time I hammered, all I would see were minuscule etchings. I did a little research and found that you need to use certain metals for stamping metal. This discovery quickly led me to change my direction. I decided to make a key chain out of cute copper round metals (soft enough to hammer) that I found at my local craft store.

Here is what you need to get started.

A Hammer. I used a hammer made for stamping but I feel as though a regular hammer would do the trick.
Something to hammer. Like I mentioned above, certain metals are going to give you a lot of trouble so keep that in mind.
Metal stamps. I ordered mine online for about $20 but I also saw them at my local craft store. And remember to be careful and use gloves and goggles. Don’t hammer your finger!!!

Now that I have all of my supplies, I wanted to make a cute little key chain that had the word "HOME" imprinted on it.

I taped down my metal round on a flat solid surface so that I could use the tape as a marker to keep my letters in a straight line. It also helped keep the round in place.

The best way to make sure each letter is right where it should be, and to also get the best strike, is to stand up over the the item you're stamping when you strike it.
After you get your first letter stamped, it's pretty simple from there on out. Make sure each letter is lined up and strike once with some force.

And that’s it! Wasn’t that easy? Although, my new key chain definitely has some flaws, I really don’t mind the little imperfections. I could have obsessed over getting the “HOME” perfectly straight but I chose to embrace it. I also added a little black ink to get those letters to pop.

The possibilities are endless. Now that I know how to do this and I have the needed tools, I’m going to make several to put on my blue glass bottles. I’m thinking the words “LOVE”, “JOY”, and “HAPPY”. I hope you give this simple little DIY a try. Think of the gifts you could make!!!


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