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DIY Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Hack

Jun 2018

Sinkology is proud to present Ashley Carpenter, a homebody, decor obsessed, DIYer that loves fitness, happy people and wants nothing more than to be on the lake soaking up the sun with good people and good music. Ashley runs the blog Joyfully Growing and is here to share some DIY and design projects created for the Sinkology blog that reflect her timeless, affordable, and beautifully rustic style.

Looking for a way to add the ever-so-popular fiddle leaf fig tree to your space, without spending an arm and a leg? This super simple DIY project has your name all over it!

Whenever I tell people that my fiddle leaf fig tree is not only faux, but also a DIY, they can’t believe it! This might possibly be the EASIEST DIY project ever, but it is one of my most asked questions anytime I share a photo of our living room.

So I figured I’d write up a little post showing exactly how I created this faux fiddle. Oh and did I mention it cost less than $20?

Yup! Keep reading 😉


Supplies Used:

  • Fiddle leaf fig stems (from Michael’s)*
  • Electrical tape


*These stems are found in the front section of the store with all of their seasonal floral stems. However, they are not always available. I purchased my stems in the spring, but when I looked again in the fall they weren’t there. Ask your local Michael’s associates when the stems will be available if you do not see them out on the floor. (By stacking coupons & sales I was able to purchase mine for $5 each!)

The stems should look something like this:

faux fig tree

As you can see, each stem has multiple leaves on the end.

To create the look of a tree, start by staggering the stems at varying lengths and arranging them in a vertical line. It may be helpful to lay them out on the floor to get an idea of how it’s looking.

There’s no right way to do this, but essentially you want to move the stems up or down creating the resemblance of a tree with one trunk.

For reference, look at the photo below to see how the end of my stems ended up being spaced:


Once your tree is looking the way you want, use electrical tape to secure them into place.


It shouldn’t take much tape to secure the stems in place. You’ll want to use as little as possible because some of the tape will remain visible. But don’t worry, I’ve found that nobody notices it until after I’ve pointed it out.


The next step is to find a container to put your tree in! I love the look of plants in woven baskets, so that is what I chose.

In order to support the narrow trunk inside of the wide basket, I used a gallon sized glass jug to place the end of the tree in. This gave it some support and helped it to stand up on its own.


I then simply covered it up with a neutral knit blanket!


And here’s what the final product looks like:


If you don’t love the knit blanket option, you could use an actual planter and fill it with compacted dirt to give it a more realistic look! The dirt should be able to support the base, but if not you could add some rocks at the bottom to help hold it in place.

Another option would be to use the glass jug hack from above, and then cover it with artificial moss.

Get creative, there’s tons of options! 

There you have it! A DIY faux fiddle leaf fig tree for under $20!

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