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Bright and Warm Double Island Kitchen Renovation

Feb 2020

Our friend Lindsey of @lindsey.maestas on Instagram & recently renovated her kitchen. She installed the Bradstreet ll and was kind enough to share with us how it went.

I can’t believe I’m finally posting our bright white, double island kitchen renovation! I feel like it took forever to make it all feel ‘complete’, but it also somehow happened in the blink of an eye. 

It took me almost three months after we moved in to finally choose a paint color for the kitchen island, so I’m sure you can only imagine how long it took me to choose all of these details. We gutted the entire house, so choosing every details at once was a lot. I’m so thankful for friends who helped me in the fog of feeling overwhelmed. {Sources linked at the bottom of the page.}

To begin with the renovation, we covered the sliding glass door with drywall. There are so many doors in our house that this one felt excessive, unnecessary and just overall odd. 

I actually attempted to do one large island rather than a middle island, but the piping wouldn’t allow for it. I’m so thankful that I had to stick with the two islands; I think I would have been kicking myself if I hadn’t. To be honest, it’s now my favorite part of the kitchen now.

As most of you know, I LOVE to entertain. This middle island has given me life during parties and gatherings! I’m able to to put all of my food, desserts – you name it – on the middle island while keeping the second island open for people to eat. More seating = more people. I’m all about it! 

One thing that I knew for sure before I started everything was that I wanted white cabinets, marble quartz countertops and wood shelving. 

Back to the island – I ended up going with SW Oyster Bay and I am beyond happy with it. I tried about 9 different paint colors before I decided on this one. It is a sage green that takes on different shades in different lighting, but what I love is that it’s never too blue. I love hints of blue throughout the kitchen (the coastal vibe is appealing to me), but that wasn’t what I envisioned with this kitchen.

I wanted airy and bright mixed with warm, calming tones to work with the openness to make it feel comfortable and homey. There are still a few changes I’d like to make now that it’s complete (I’m already ready to switch out the bar stools), but I’m focusing on other areas in the house that need more necessary attention before I begin replacing things.

I had both the wood hood vent and the shelves shipped as unsealed and unstained maple wood. I had a very specific color in mind that I wanted, and I couldn’t find it anywhere. We ended up mixing three different stains to get the exact color that I had been dreaming of for over two years. I will say that that was a successful and amazing day (thanks to our incredible painters, Frank and Christian!) 

This space has honestly become everything I’ve been dreaming of and I’m just incredibly happy with it. It’s definitely my favorite room in the house and I think it always will be. 

I love to gather in the kitchen and hope that this gives you some inspiration for your exciting home renovations! Keep an open mind and trust your gut when it comes to what you know you’ll like. I’ve listed our sources below! Happy renovating, friends! 

Our farm sink and faucet were gifts from Sinkology and I still really, really love them. The faucet is sleek and functional and I have been so surprised at how sturdy our sink is! The boys drop things into the sink all the time and the porcelain withstands those moments without a problem.

I purchased most of the decor for our open shelving and countertops at Target (thank you Chip and Joanna!) and still need to invest in some dishes for our glass cabinets. We also still don’t have a microwave (the one we’re using is a rinky dink microwave from Target.)

Important Tip: We learned that a ‘microwave cabinet’ doesn’t actually fit a regular sized microwave. We had to order a specific microwave with built-in siding to fit in our pre-cut microwave cabinet. If we could do it again, I would have just asked our cabinet guy to leave an opening for us, rather than paying extra for a microwave cabinet. That’s just something small to think about as you choose cabinets for your home.  

Well, that’s it! It’s finally here and I’m so glad to have this out into the world.

I love you guys! Thanks for joining me for this incredible journey and I hope you liked this bright white, double island kitchen renovation. 

What is your favorite part of this space?


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