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Drop-in Farmhouse Sink Dreams Do Come True With The Josephine.

Mar 2019

Our friend Brooke Cribbs of @cribbsstyle on Instagram has been busy updating her home. Join along as she updates us on her kitchen remodel. ______________________________________________________________________________

Ever since we moved into our home, we have wanted to replace our sink and faucet. For the longest time I’ve been drooling over the apron front farmhouse sinks. However, we couldn’t get it in our budget to replace the sink AND the countertop. That is until Sinkology came out with the Josephine drop-in farmhouse sink

To further make my DIY heart happy, Sinkology teamed up with the BILT app to provide step by step instructions for the installation. Before we get to the good stuff, we need to take a look at the situation that was my sink and faucet. 

Back in its day, this sink was probably gorgeous. I have no idea what the previous owners did, but there were chunks of the sink enamel that was missing. Aside from the awful aesthetics, the two bowl design just was not user friendly. Nothing really fit and it didn’t take long, because of the awkward design, that both sinks would fill up every day. Then there was the faucet that was disgusting. Recently it got to the point that we would have to jiggle the handle just to get the water to turn off. Plus there were countless times that someone wouldn’t check that the water was actually shut off and there would be a slow drip for who knows how long. 

I reviewed the instructions per the BILT app just so I would know what to expect. I also reviewed on the Home Depot site how to remove the garbage disposal. Once the disposal was removed, removing the old sink was actually easier than we thought it would be. However, the prep work to remove the old caulk and grime from the counter took a lot of elbow grease. 

We were super lucky in that the hole where the old drop in sink fit, was actually the same width we needed for the new sink. The only thing we had to do was continue the hole to the front of the counter for the depth, and the notch for the Josephine apron. Then came removing the part of the cabinet base where the sink would rest. We dry fit the sink and after a little bit of sanding the counters, we were able to get the Josephine sink dropped in and installed nice and snug. 

The Ashfield Pfister Faucet we received is a stunner and compliments the Josephine sink so well. The instructions for the faucet installation went off without a hitch.  

As far as hooking the other plumbing back up, we had to move some stuff around to go from the two bowl sink we did have to the single disposal drain. Out of everything that was the hardest part and really, it wasn’t that hard at all. It only required switching out one connection for the drain, popping out the plug in the disposal and connecting the dishwasher to the new connection. Last step was testing everything to make sure we did it correct. 

Not only is the drop in Josephine sink the answer to our farmhouse sink dreams, but the Pfister faucet is the icing on the cake. The best part about all of it, we did it ourselves thanks to the BILT app, which meant we saved ourselves hundreds of dollars had we hired someone else to do the install.  I still can’t get over how beautiful the sink and the faucet is and I’m looking forward to actually cooking and cleaning up!


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