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Efficient Solutions for a More Environmentally Friendly Bathroom

Jan 2021

bathroom with two bell copper sinks

Have you taken a look at your energy bill recently? If you have, it’s most likely encouraging you to make your home run more efficiently. This year reminded us all of the importance of living green. For starters, we’ve seen the positive impact that living sustainably can have on the environment. And, we know the personal benefit of household energy efficiency. After all, it’s safe to say that we’ve all racked up higher energy bills than any other year since we’ve spent more time in our homes, which became our offices, fitness studios and classrooms.


The bathroom is a fantastic place to take the first step to a greener home, given the amount of water that is used at every bathroom visit from shower to sink, electricity use in the form of lighting and ventilation and materials that go into creating a comfortable bathroom experience. From master baths to half baths, small changes can make a big impact. Not only will it help save the environment by using less energy, you’ll save more money by using less of your paycheck.


Thanks to a growing desire for sustainable alternatives, there are more ways than ever before to make a bathroom more environmentally friendly. But many require time and money that the average person simply doesn’t have. Installing an eco-friendly toilet or a reclaimed wood vanity sounds nice but it isn’t the easiest change to make. The good news? You don’t need to call in the professionals to make a conscious change. Today, we rank our top three ways to make an efficient, sustainable upgrade to your bathroom.

two vessel sinks in a bathroom

Kick off your energy-efficient upgrade with one you might have already made in other rooms in your home: replace your lightbulbs with LED alternatives. Not only will you save on your energy bill, but you’ll also save on time spent purchasing replacement bulbs. LED bulbs last 25 times longer than classic bulbs. Many assume that only standard bulbs come in LED form, but there are plenty of options that will suit your current light fixture – or give you an excuse to install a new one.

One way to make an ongoing impact with every use is with eco-friendly faucets and shower heads. Not all faucets and shower heads are created equal. To be sure you’re using the most water-efficient option, look for Watersense-labeled products. For sink faucets, it’s best if the product has a flow rate of under 1.5 gallons per minute (gpm). As for, shower heads, look for 2.0 gpm.

drop in bathroom sink

double sink installation with using copper bathrooms sinks

Our number one solution for an environmentally friendly bathroom is with a new copper sink. You recognize copper for its beauty. You trust its durability. But did you know the best part about copper? It’s the environmentally conscious choice. Copper has been mined for centuries and used for everything from the most basic tools to primitive plumbing systems. Once copper is mined, it can be melted, reforged and reshaped countless times. Our drop-in, undermount and vessel sinks are made to last, even well after it’s replaced. Now, you don’t have to feel guilty about a regular renovation. Technically, you’re just supporting the green movement.


If you have any additional questions during your search for the perfect copper, fireclay farmhouse sink or granite sink, our Sinkologists are here to help. Contact us or follow us on FacebookHouzzPinterest, or Instagram for more helpful tips and design ideas.