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Family-friendly Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Tidy

Feb 2019

There’s something about walking into a bathroom that’s visibly clean. Beyond a gleaming faucet, clutter-free countertops and organized cabinets set the fresh tone everyone needs in this high-traffic room. Follow our favorite tidiness tips to help everyone in the household keep it clean.

The Neat Freak:

It’s safe to say everyone wants to keep their bathrooms clean from soap scum, streaks, and grime. For easy everyday cleanup, hang spray bottles on a curtain rod beneath your sink. Hide away deep-cleaning products you’ll use…when you have time.

The Product-Obsessed:

An excess of product often leads to spending too much time searching for one specific shade, soap, or scent. Use drawer or shelf space to section out products by type and house each within an appropriately sized container. Look for trays that can double as movable “get-ready” stations”. You’ll (finally) know where everything is – and use each before the expiration date.

The Over-Prepared:

An increased sense of security that comes with a 30-pack of toilet paper or 5-gallon bucket of hand soap requires a bit of creativity to keep what you need within reach, and the reserves hidden out of sight. But with all the money you save on buying wholesale, you can invest in glass containers that are beautiful to display and functional for everyday prep. (A decorative soap dispenser is one of the few things we deem counter-worthy.) Side note: be sure to organize excess product by type and keep tabs on what you already have in stock before hitting the next sale.

The Style Maven: 

If you find yourself detangling cords 5 days a week, it’s time to tidy up your style tools. A great (hidden) place to start is the under-utilized backside of your cabinet. Hang your flat iron on a non-damaging hook, your hair dryer in a hanging basket, or your curling wand in a magazine holder. The only challenge you’ll run into is deciding how to style your hair for the day.  

The Kids:

Last, and certainly most valuable for parents, is to incorporate baskets for cleaner kid-friendly bathrooms. Whether hung, set in a cupboard, or placed on a shelf, individual baskets for each child helps teach personal responsibility and cuts back on fights over “stolen” items. They’re also a great way to keep bath toys out of the tub. Simply hang waterproof baskets just above the bathtub on a shower rod so your little one can help put away his or her toys at the end of bath time. Added bonus: Now you can take that bubble bath you’ve been dreaming of for months, sans-rubber ducky.

With these tips, anyone can easily maintain a clean vibe in any bathroom. Everyone in the household is sure to help keep it clean too. You’ll soon see that when one thing’s out of place, everyone notices.

How will you keep your bathroom tidy? Share in the comments!


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