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Installing a Sinkology Fireclay Farmhouse Sink in a Vintage Kitchen Island

Dec 2019

Our friend Amanda, @midcounty_journal on Instagram, installed the new Snow Day Matte White Bradstreet ll farmhouse fireclay kitchen sink from the VIBE Collection into a vintage kitchen island. She was kind enough to share how the renovation went.

Hello there and Happy Holidays!

I could not be more excited to share this project with you!! It’s all about installing a Sinkology fireclay farmhouse sink in a vintage kitchen island, and might be my favorite DIY we’ve ever done! What made it an instant favorite? Well I love it when beautiful design meets amazing function and that pretty much sums this project up! Especially thanks to this gorgeous Bradstreet II All-In-One Fireclay Sink and Pfister Zuri Faucet Kit from Sinkology which just launched and can be found exclusively at Home Depot!

Let’s Get This Sinkology Fireclay Farmhouse Sink Project Started!

So let’s dive in to this awesome project! We started with this show stopping vintage kitchen island (pictured above) which you can read more about HERE. So first thing we had to do, and the most scary part, was to cut the hole in the top of the island. To make sure we got cut the hole just right we set the sink on top of the island, measured to make sure it was centered, and then traced around it as a template.

Cutting the Fireclay Sink Hole

Next, we carefully dismantled the back and top of vintage island and took it outside to make it more accessible and less messy. We put the top back in place and taped precisely along the traced pencil lines to give a more obvious line to follow and help prevent splintering. Then Ed used a hole saw to drill holes in each of the corners since the sink has nice rounded corners.

The Final Cuts and Moment of Truth

Next, Ed carefully cut up to the holes with a circular saw using the clamped level for a guide. After making sure the tape line was straight he used a table saw to cut the side piece. Then he sanded the rounded curves smooth. Once that part was done we held our breath while we held the Sinkology Fireclay Farmhouse Sink in place and…it fit like a glove! After that we both relaxed a bit!

Placing the Sinkology Fireclay Farmhouse Sink in the Vintage Island

With the messiest part over we moved everything back inside. Then Ed built a support for the fireclay sink because it’s the real deal and not light! After the sink was in place he drilled the hole for the Pfister Zuri faucet and ran all the plumbing for both. I sealed the top and stained any visible raw wood edges before we set the sink in place the final time.

Adding a Microwave and Dishwasher to the Vintage Island

After the sink and faucet were in it was time to make the vintage island even more functional by creating a space for a microwave and dishwasher. Ed ran the wiring for both and the pluming for the dishwasher. Yep he’s a rockstar!

Keeping the Vintage Island Original

Next we puzzle pieced in as much of the original drawers and trim that we could. This was honestly the most time consuming part of this project, but well worth it! Ed made one big pull out drawer under the sink for storage and easy accessibility to the plumbing when necessary. After seeing this in place I decided to make a sink skirt to soften the space a bit and add some texture. I’ll be sharing that simple DIY here next week!

Installing a Sinkology Fireclay Farmhouse Sink in a Vintage Kitchen Island

We could not be happier with the outcome of this project! It completely transformed our kitchen both aesthetically and functionally. This island is certainly a focal point, but the Sinkology fireclay farmhouse sink contrasts beautifully stealing the show! I’m also obsessed with the industrial feel the Pfister Zuri faucet lends to the space! But most of all I love that the island looks like it was always a part of our kitchen, which was our main goal!  

Installing a Sinkology Fireclay Farmhouse Sink in a vintage kitchen island was definitely one of the coolest projects we’ve ever done! And after dreaming of this fireclay farmhouse sink and faucet for months I have to pinch myself that we get to enjoy it everyday! Thank you Sinkology for making this dream even sweeter with such beautiful high quality products!



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