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The Lange Copper Sink and Farmhouse Style: Designing with the Sink in Mind

Feb 2018

Many people confuse the farmhouse style with country. A classic farmhouse kitchen is similar to a country style in that they both evoke comfort and warmth. Imagine a crackling fire, the smell of stew on the hearth, and the warmth of the setting sun gleaming through the window. County and farmhouse styles both rely on charm and coziness, but they do have a few fundamental differences.


Photo: Our Vintage Home Love

While country relies on eclectic and heavy accessorizing, the farmhouse style is more refined and simple. Think about farmhouse style as a more minimalist variation of the country style. It sits at the crossroads of comfort and sophistication, but it maintains some consistent elements:

  • Reclaimed wood: Whether it’s flooring, paneling, a butcher block, or accessories, reclaimed wood plays a big role in a farmhouse kitchen. Against a white backsplash or on top of white cabinets, the reclaimed wood adds warmth to the room.
  • Light colors: Walls, backsplashes, cabinets, linens, and accessories are typically light colored in a farmhouse design. The blank canvas of white and other light colors allow the warmth of wood and other elements of farmhouse décor to stand out and help keep with the minimalist style.
  • Natural fabrics: When accessorizing a farmhouse space, stick to natural fabrics – typically rough spun with burlaps or even leather accents.
  • Rustic fixtures: When choosing lighting, cabinet hardware, or other metal fixtures, look for materials like wood or wrought iron with simple shapes – like lanterns.
  • Vintage accessories: While the farmhouse demands order and minimalism, a few very intentional and well-placed accessories really add a lot of charm to a space. Think antique blue and white porcelain plates, an old wooden apple crate, a wire basket, or a set of old books. Remember to keep the items simple and well organized. A nice succulent or two is always a great accent as well.


Copper Sinks and the Farmhouse Style

Many of the elements of a farmhouse are naturally supported by a copper sink. Copper farmhouse sinks are rustic, natural and handmade. The beautiful warmth of copper pops against light colors and pairs beautifully with wood tones. The antique finish and hand-hammering adds a vintage look to the copper sink, while maintaining high-quality and a long, long life.

Lange copper apron front farmhouse sink

This copper farmhouse sink, the Lange, is made from 17-gauge, high-quality, solid copper. The extra-large bowl is 8 inches deep and comes with sound dampening pads to reduce noise from garbage disposals and dropped dishes. The warm antique finish adds durability to the copper sink and will naturally age and blend with time and use.


Accessorizing Your Copper Farmhouse Sink

Paired with this Pfister rustic bronze, pull-down faucet and copper disposal flange, the warmth of this sink is pulled through to the accessories. When this copper sink and these accessories are placed in front of light colored backgrounds (like these paint examples from Behr), and accented with things like this wooden trivet and rough spun rug, along side of the Weatherdale Pine flooring from Pergo, it really brings together the coziness of a farmhouse kitchen.


Many of the accessories and accents here are part of the Hearth & HandTM with Magnolia Collection at Target. This collection has a lot of options that go great with a farmhouse kitchen and match the affordability of the Lange copper farmhouse sink. This wooden House Door Stopper, simple dishes, and other accessories are modest and clean.


Also featured is a rustic sign from the Painted Nest which compliments a farmhouse not just in style, but also in content. These perfect-for-farmhouse signs are handcrafted by the amazing mother-daughter duo of Kristy and Kelsey, and this is only one of many you can select from in their online shop, or visit their Instagram page for more fabulous farmhouse inspiration.


In addition, the Wright antique brown bottom grid, the Sidekick Sponge Assistant, and a Breeze non-scratch scrubber are great ways to make the care of your sink and your dishes that much easier.