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Life with Copper: A Busy, Working Mom

Oct 2016

Our Sinkology team is wrought with copper lovers who live their lives with copper sinks everyday. We know the ins-and-outs of living with copper – and we have addressed every myth and misconception that many people have about copper. Frankie, one of the members of our marketing team, is a busy, working mom who loves everything design. For her busy schedule, a copper sink is the perfect marriage of her love of home design and keeping her kitchen in order. Frankie provided her perspective on Life with Copper in this spotlight feature.

Being a working mom is hard. If you are a working mom, or know a working mom, you know this to be true, or have heard about this. A lot. I embrace being a working mom because I love my job and can’t imagine my life without doing what I love. On top of juggling a toddler, clients, and classes, I also am a new homeowner. And this was our first home, so it was definitely a flipper. I was just excited to not share a ceiling with the neighbor’s energetic dog and her exercise regiment that made our ceiling appear to be caving in with each burpee. So baby blue carpet and a “remodeled” kitchen from 1980? I’ll take it. I’m always up for design challenges. And HGTV and I are the best of friends. 


Lucky for me, part of my job at Sinkology is looking at gorgeous, professionally designed spaces as well as customer’s inspiring sink installs, all day, every day. So, I get a LOT of ideas. (God bless Pinterest.) And that’s why I knew our house was perfect for a copper sink. So I want to debunk a couple of myths that are floating around the world about what having a busy… “full” life, children, and living with a copper sink is really like. It sometimes looks like this sweet ad of me and my daughter playing with our Pfister faucet. But let’s get honest. 


  • “I can’t leave a single dish in my sink. It will die.” False.* Please refer to exhibit A above. I’m a pretty type A human being, but when it comes to cleaning my house, I play with my kid and enjoy some me time first, then I clean. (Sometimes my me time IS cleaning because I love it, but I know I’m definitely alone in this.) So sometimes, SOMETIMES, my sink will look like this… overnight. GASP. I know. It’s horrible. But, not really. If you purchase a grid for the bottom of your Sinkology sink, you are set. If you don’t, or didn’t know they existed until this moment Get. One. Here.  These will save the bottom of your sink from your dishes making any discolorations on the bottom. But I’m also here to tell you, if the bottom of your sink does get discolored because you chose to drink red wine and watch Friends all night, IT IS OKAY. One of the glorious things about Sinkology copper sinks is the “Living Finish.” Your copper sink will change and age with time, just like a copper penny. This is called the patina and is one of the great things about your sink. It’s a natural finish and it’s there to protect and coat your sink. So if something strips away the patina that makes it shine like a new penny, do NOT panic. Your sink will heal itself within a few days and the spots will disappear. Because it is beautiful and magic. Seriously. 


  • “Copper sinks are so much work to maintain. Ain’t nobody got time for that.” Listen. No one ever signs up to make extra housework for themselves. We’re all trying to make life easier on ourselves, right? Well I am living proof that owning a copper sink does not require any more effort than a regular sink. Unless you are going to tell me that you have never in your lifetime wiped down the inside of your sink with a sponge and some dish soap, then yes, I am sorry. You will have to wipe down your sink from time to time just like most other normal humans. But that’s it, folks. Whenever I do my dishes, I just take my dish soap and my sponge and give her a good wipe down. If I get a wild hair one particularly caffeinated Saturday afternoon, I might whip out a stiff bristled brush and give her a good scrub down. But, since this is a place for honesty, I’ve done that twice in the 6 months I’ve had the sink. And it’s still gorgeous! I would recommend, just for peace of mind, getting your hands on some of the Copper Armor from Sinkology. Coat your sink with this to help maintain your sink’s finish and worry less. And need a place to keep your sponges for quick and easy wipe down access? Sinkology has you covered with their brand new Sidekick. 
  • “All my friends will want to come over to my house for get togethers, just to look at my sink!” I am so sorry to tell you this, but this is a true fact. Your popularity may rise, and you MAY become the hostess/host with the mostest. Because look. at your. sink. But in all seriousness, people will not be able to stop talking to you about your sink. It catches everyone’s eye who walks near your kitchen. They will want to know all the facts, so do your homework and learn all the things about your new sink here
  • “But this sink will last forever. I won’t have my house forever.” Okay, no one really said that. You got me. But I needed a chance to tell you about Sinology’s incredible Lifetime Warranty. Check it out. 


  • “A copper sink doesn’t really match my style.” Well, false. That’s just a lie. Like I said earlier, I have seen thousands of kitchens and thousands of incarnations of Sinkology copper sinks. And every kitchen I’ve ever seen a copper sink in looks transformed and like a match made in heaven. I’ve seen kitchens with mixed metals, mine being one of them, I’ve seen new builds, remodels, and even drop-in copper sinks to give the kitchen a breath of fresh air. Rustic, Modern, Mid-Century, Mediterranean, Country, whatever your style, a copper sink will look perfectly at home in your kitchen. If you need more convincing, check out all the kitchen styles with copper sinks on our Pinterest page here. And it will level you up. Kitchen Level, Boss: Unlocked. 


So I’ve digressed. But in conclusion, do not be scared of change and of buying yourself that gorgeous copper sink you’ve been oogling on Instagram and Pinterest. It’s as simple to care for as any other kitchen sink, it’s stunning and unique, it will indeed last forever, and it fits anyone’s style. So yes, even if you’re a busy working parent, you too can have that copper sink of your dreams. 

If you have any additional questions during your search for the perfect copper sink, our Sinkologists are here to help. Contact us or follow us on FacebookTwitterHouzzPinterest, or Instagram for more helpful tips and design ideas.