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Master Bathroom Renovation with Antique Vanity Copper Transformation

Aug 2018

Sinkology is proud to present Jenna from @flowertowncharm on IG. Her and her husband, Chris, love renovation & DIY, and they make a great team! They’ve renovated two previous homes and then made the move to Summerville, “Flower Town”, South Carolina, and bought a dream historical home that needs a lot of renovating! She’s here to share their recent renovation to their master bathroom featuring our copper bath drop-in sinks in an antique sideboard.

Before the Master Bathroom Renovation

I wanted to show you the before of our master bathroom here so you can see how much blood, sweat, and there were tears too, that went into this master bathroom renovation! When we bought our 1850’s fixer-upper farmhouse, every bathroom we knew would need a renovation, but we prioritized the guest bathrooms first. You can see those renovations by clicking here, and here.


You can see here we had lovely pink laminate top on oversized cabinets. Although they had tons of storage, it just didn’t fit the style of the house and we wanted something more antique. The flooring was also laminate, and the walls were half blue and half pink. The master bathroom finally came up on our to-do list when we found our dream sideboard/buffet that we transformed into our master bathroom vanity. You can see that transformation and the step by step by clicking here. Then we partnered with our dream copper sink company, Sinkology, who provided us with the gorgeous copper dual-mount bath sinks you’re about to see, and the renovation began!


Where to Start?

We had a suspicion that the master bathroom and closet used to be a bedroom. A wall was put up in the center to break them up, and we also suspected an 8th fireplace was hiding behind that wall. That is when #demoday began when all I wanted to do was make a small hole to see if we spied brick. Next thing I knew we were ripping the whole wall out, and the hidden fireplace was revealed! We filmed the whole fireplace unveiling on our Instagram story highlights if you would like to see that, click here!


From there, it was a slow process as we had some life changing situations going on. We had our neighbors 5 stories tall tree fall on our home and that did a lot of damage, over $20,000 worth. Around the same time, my husband got word that he would be working from home. Our master bathroom renovation was the only thing we planned on working on and that turned into an additional tree damage major construction and a home office renovation. 1+1+1=overwhlemed!



Back on Track

Well, while juggling 3 renovations is insane and I would never wish that on anyone, try doing it while running Airbnb 20 nights out of 30 every month! You have to maintain a “clean” home and that consisted of us hiding tools, dust, and wood deliveries in our master bedroom every day in between guests. We’re nuts I know. Did I mention we also got a new puppy during this whole fiasco? I don’t know how we pulled it off, it wasn’t easy, but we squeezed in working on the master bathroom every chance we got. Here are some pictures of that whole process!


Here you can see where we removed the laminate to reveal the original heart of pine hardwood floors underneath! We sanded them down and refinished them ourselves!


Here we removed the old sinks and cabinets


Here we opened up the walls and did our own plumbing for the antique sideboard vanity! I actually did all the interior plumbing inside the sideboard myself on this! I was very proud! last we closed up the wall with beadboard, installed the chair rail and floor molding, and painted!


Finishing Touches

After everything was in place and functioning, it was time to decorate and pull it all together! I brought in a gorgeous antique Eastlake mirror I had been holding onto for 2 years now for our master bathroom renovation. I found that on Facebook Marketplace, it may be my favorite part!


I also got this sparkly Mia Faceted Chandelier from Pottery Barn. It just makes our master bathroom feel so luxurious, LOVE it!



Of course, the focal point is the antique sideboard and the lovely Wallace Copper Sinks from Sinkology, as well as the Pfister faucets, that just fit perfectly with the age of the house, but fancy all at the same time!


I brought in a large mirror from Kirklands which made the space feel even bigger than it already is. We are still on the hunt for an old mantel to fit perfectly over the fireplace, but for now, it looks pretty cool being bare too, authenticity right there!


I am still going back and forth on paint color, deciding if I am going to keep the bathroom taupe or paint it white. I am going to live with it for a while and see what I feel like doing. The decorations will probably change over time too, I just threw this all together one afternoon, so as we use it more things will come and go!

What’s Next?

Well, eventually this master bathroom renovation will have a Part 2. We still would like to take out the brass and plastic dated shower and make it pretty! The goal is to replumb it, add pretty fixtures, and tile it with a subway Carerra marble. This marble tile will also be used on the fireplace hearth. We have a gorgeous lead glass arched window that will peak into the shower too! We would really like to utilize the space better and bring the sink over to the side where the floor length mirror is (take out that door), and then have a clawfoot tub go where the sink is now in front of the fireplace. But everything costs money, so that may be a few years down the road. But a girl can dream about copper clawfoot tubs and marble tile right?


Before & After

If you have any additional questions during your search for the perfect copper sink, farmhouse fireclay sink or granite sink, our Sinkologists are here to help. Contact us or follow us on FacebookHouzzPinterest, or Instagram for more helpful tips and design ideas.

If you have any additional questions during your search for the perfect copper, fireclay farmhouse sink or granite sink, our Sinkologists are here to help. Contact us or follow us on FacebookHouzzPinterest, or Instagram for more helpful tips and design ideas.