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Before and After: A New Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Oct 2017

After Alex and Megan renovated their bathroom with a copper bathtub and copper sink, they decided to spruce up their traditional kitchen with a more modern look and feel. They loved the Thales copper bathtub and the Bell copper drop-in sink that helped transform their bathroom into their own personal spa retreat, but they wanted to brighten up their kitchen space with whites, so they decided to install a fireclay farmhouse kitchen sink from Sinkology.

Why fireclay? Alex and Megan have kids and pets and live a pretty busy lifestyle. Between work, school, band, and other extracurriculars, they are constantly on the go and needed a sink that had practical features, could hold a lot of dishes, and could withstand a beating. They chose Sinkology fireclay because it’s scratch-, chip-, rust-, and crack-resistant. The solid fireclay is fired at temperatures up to 2,200 degrees with a unique blend of clay and glaze that makes them extremely durable. And it’s huge single bowl will help Alex and Megan manage the dishes produced by two high schoolers and a pit bull. 

In addition to the fireclay sink, they made several other updates to help brighten the space. Installing a farmhouse sink into a space that previously had a drop-in or undermount sink does require a bit of work. We always recommend getting the help of a professional with an installation like this. But, installation required that Alex and Megan cut their countertops and cut their cabinets. So, they decided to go ahead and replace their existing laminate countertops with a granite upgrade. The lighter colored granite helped brighten the area and made a beautiful complement to the vibrant white fireclay sink.

They also decided to install a tile backsplash throughout the kitchen. They chose white subway tiles which looked beautiful with their new granite countertops and their fireclay sink.

The sink that they chose was the Wheatley fireclay farmhouse sink from Sinkology. This sink comes with a reversible apron front – for their kitchen, Alex and Megan chose the fluted front. They got the sink as part of a Sinkology All-In-One Kit package that comes with a Pfister faucet, a disposal flange from Sinkology, the Wren stainless bottom grid, and a Sinkology Breeze Non-Scratch Scrubber. The Zuri faucet from Pfister is a beautiful single pull-down that is immediately impressive in any kitchen space.

When cutting their cabinets to accommodate the fireclay farmhouse sink, Alex and Megan chose to cut down their cabinet doors and install towels bars on them, instead of replacing them. In addition, they added a decorative leaf moulding around the sink itself as a frame.

In an upcoming video and post, we’ll outline the installation process of this particular sink and demonstrate how to build the support frame under the cabinets, how to install the plumbing, and the general steps you need to be aware of if you are going to install a farmhouse sink in your kitchen. It may require the use of professionals, but a fireclay farmhouse sink is a beautiful addition that makes an immediate impact, brightens up your space, and is a practical, durable sink to fit your life.

If you have any additional questions during your search for the perfect copper sink or fireclay sink, our Sinkologists are here to help. Contact us or follow us on FacebookTwitterHouzzPinterest, or Instagram for more helpful tips and design ideas.

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