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Get Into a New Kitchen Routine

Aug 2020
family at dinner table

After months of social distancing, we’ve all adopted a new rhythm unlike any before. Our schedules are clearer and our time at home is longer than ever.

We, for one, love having the excuse to spend more time in the kitchen. And, we’re taking it all summer long. But with more use comes more clutter in the kitchen. Follow these 5 tips to get into a new kitchen routine that will carry you and your family through your summer staycation.

1. Prepare for Fun

Before you can start this new routine you’ll need to clean out the old. While we are all excited about the warmer weather that brings us new life, we have to keep in mind that it also welcomes insects. Any partially opened bags, spills, and crumbs will lure them to your kitchen. Clean out so they don’t come in:

– First, remove everything from your pantry or cabinets.

– Next, take note of any expired or unsealed items. Throw away what can’t be used and store what you can in sealed containers like mason jars or Tupperware.

– Then, wipe down every shelf in all cabinets before moving on to our second tip.

cleaning out cabinets

2. Make Space for Summer

While you’re cleaning up your cabinets, clear out your cold-weather go-to’s. Chances are you won’t be using your fine china for a dinner party any time soon. Stash those somewhere special so you can keep your favorite outdoor dinnerware within reach. Replace them with an outdoor-friendly set complete with shatter-proof plates and reusable plastic drink ware. And hey, now you have an excuse to try out those pastel plates you’ve been eyeing online.

Not only can you say goodbye to fancier plate-ware, but you can also bring summer appliances to the forefront. Put pieces like juicers, ice cream makers, and blenders at the front of the cupboard for warm weather-approved tastes.

3. Warm Up to Fresh Décor

Once the interior of your cupboards are set, it’s time to perfect the exterior so you’ll enjoy the view as you prepare all the food. Whether a more functional herb garden in your kitchen window or a more indulgent flower delivery subscription, bring life into your kitchen. Fruit is the most perfect summer kitchen decoration of all as it keeps healthy options in sight…which leads us to our fourth tip.

prepping food

4. Make Meal Prep a Priority

Is it just us, or is it easier for you to also eat healthily in the summer? After all, seasonal foods are naturally snackable. Even if you don’t decorate with fresh fruit, keep it on hand and within view. But, there’s more than just fruit that’s summer-worthy. Portion out a weeks’ worth of easy grab-and-go items like hummus and carrots, sliced cucumbers, and deli meat with crackers, all of which are perfect for a picnic in the park or lunch in your backyard.

family prepping food

5. Add Family Meals to Your Schedule

There’s just something about coming together as a family to make a meal in the kitchen. It’s nourishing, even beyond the food itself. With fewer obligations cluttering your days, it’s the perfect time to enjoy family meals again. Now this doesn’t mean you have to plan an elaborate five-course dinner every day of the week or have a full breakfast buffet each morning. Just plan ahead with what you want to serve each day, even if it’s carry out, and make sure everyone is committed to enjoying It together.

When these five steps become routine, you’ll have more time for your other favorite summer past times outside of the kitchen.


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