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Reality Check: Your Bathroom Can Store More Than You Think

Feb 2019

Yes, you read that right.

From single-bath apartments to packed family homes, our bathroom storage space seems to fill up quickly and easily. Yours may be bursting with linens and products, but even the smallest of bathrooms hold hidden storage space without the need for a major renovation. The trick is to work with what you’ve got. Simply look…

Behind doors

Even if you’re already hanging your robe or towel on your bathroom door, we bet you’re still not making the most of your bathroom’s doorway space. Instead, hang a shoe organizer on the back of the bathroom door to keep your products in sight when you need them, and hidden when you don’t. Take a look behind your cabinet doors, too. Self-adhesive trays, organizers, and hooks have the same effect if you can’t give up your current behind-the-door towel rack.

Over the toilet

We can all agree that the toilet is the least glamorous part of a bathroom. But you can transform this unassuming space with useful storage and beautiful décor. We love the look of clean lines that a structured over-toilet cabinet offers as well as the airiness of floating shelves on the unused wall. Most of all, we love the extra space every over-toilet addition provides.

Off the counter

The one part of your bathroom you actually want to leave unfilled is the countertop. The good news is you can still keep your everyday items within reach. Wall-mounted containers are the DIY-friendly way to use the wall space just above your sink or countertop. We’ve seen something for every style and every need, including matte black toothbrush holders for the modernist, and mason jars adhered to shiplap for the rustic chic. Sure, you’ll still have just as much stuff, but you’ll feel like the next Marie Kondo.

On mini shelves

Your current bathroom cabinets or under-sink storage might be filled to the brim, but we bet there’s a better way to organize what’s already inside. No matter what you’re storing, from body towels to lipstick, there’s a movable shelf to fit within your current storage situation and make a visible difference. Size-specific shelves prevent larger items from encroaching on your smaller products, helping everything be more easily seen and put to use. Yes, you’re technically adding more things, but it’ll feel like you added extra square footage. Promise.

In the shower

Though often hidden behind an opaque shower curtain, everyone can agree that an overwhelming pile of bath products in a shower creates the antithesis of a spa-like experience. Whether hung on your shower head or freestanding, shower caddies keep every type of soap, lotion, and treatment off the shower floor.

Seriously, take a look. You’re sure to see unused space you’ve never noticed. We would love to hear how you plan to better use your bathroom space. Share in the comments below.


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