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Sparkling Blackberry Lemonade Recipe

May 2017

Sinkology is proud to present Emily Schuermann, our food-loving guest blogger who runs Food for a Year. Emily is here to share some recipes she has created exclusively for the Sinkology blog that reflect her view of a copper sink: simple, timeless, affordable, and beautifully rustic.

I don’t know if I should blame the nearing end of another school year or the recent string of sunny spring days – but summer is definitely on my mind! So the simple recipe for sparkling lemonade seemed to be the perfect May recipe to share with Sinkology.

Start off with a pint of fresh blackberries, 4 lemons, sugar and water.

The first step is to create a fresh blackberry simple syrup. To make this simple syrup, combine equal parts sugar and water in a small saucepan.

Add a pint of rinsed blackberries to the sugar & water.

Then place the saucepan over medium-high flame, bringing the berries and sugar-water to a rolling boil. While the mixture is boiling, mash the blackberries with a fork or potato masher in order to release all go the natural blackberry juices.

Continue boiling the mixture until the volume reduces by half.

While the blackberry simple syrup is reducing, juice 3-4 medium lemons. In order to get the maximum amount of juice out of each lemon, I store lemons at room temperature. If your lemons are chilled or underripe, microwave for 10 seconds before cutting and juicing. This little trick will help to release all of the juice stored inside the lemon!

While juicing the lemons, be sure to strain out pulp and seeds. For this recipe, I used ¾ c freshly squeezed lemon juice. Once you are finished juicing the lemons, place the juice in the fridge to chill.

After the blackberry simple syrup has reduced by half it’s original volume, pour the mixture through a strainer to remove the blackberry seeds and flesh. What’s left is the most glorious, sticky, sweet, magenta blackberry syrup. I could stop right here and be so content.

This blackberry syrup would be magical over a bowl of vanilla ice cream, or poured over pancakes or atop oatmeal. But, I think a nice big spoonful of warm fresh blackberry syrup would be my first choice!! 

Once the blackberry syrup is strained, chill for at least 30 minutes.

Once the lemons are squeezed and the blackberry syrup is made ((and chilled)), this sparkling lemonade is ready to serve.

I prefer a 1:1 ratio of blackberry syrup to freshly squeezed lemon juice. However, you may prefer more lemon juice. In that case you may want to make a plain simple syrup and have a little extra lemon juice on hand ((the recipe card will give instructions for making a plain simple syrup in the “notes” section)).

Combine the blackberry simple syrup and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Top with 1 tablespoon of finely chopped fresh mint.

Next, add chilled sparkling mineral water. For this recipe, I found that 12 oz sparkling mineral water is just right. 

Isn’t this a gorgeous looking drink? Now – admittedly, I am not an adult beverage expert. But, if you are so inclined – I would imagine this sparking lemonade to be turned into a “Happy Hour” cocktail quite easily!

One or two stirs so all the flavors combine and it’s ready to serve. The bright purple-magenta color gives your guests a pretty good hint of tastes to come. The fizzy mineral water is the perfect match for the fresh, sweet blackberry simple syrup and the tart, sour freshly squeezed lemon juice. The addition of finely chopped mint is ever-so-slightly noticed adding a subtle minty after taste that is perfect for any summer evening.

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Who wouldn’t love to be handed a chilled copper mug of sparkling blackberry lemonade and the end of a beautiful spring day?!

Sparkling Blackberry Lemonade
Serves 4
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Prep Time
15 min
Prep Time
15 min
  1. 1 pint of fresh blackberries, rinsed
  2. 1 c sugar
  3. 1 c water
  4. 3-4 lemons, totaling ¾-1 c freshly squeezed lemon juice
  5. 12 oz sparkling mineral water
  6. 1 T fresh mint, finely chopped
  7. 12 thin lemon slices, for garnish
  1. Combine blackberries, sugar and water in a small saucepan over medium-high flame. Bring to a roiling boil, stirring occasionally. Using a fork or potato masher, mash the blackberries (while boiling) to release juices.
  2. Continue boiling until liquid volume reduces by half, yielding 1 c of blackberry simple syrup.
  3. While simple syrup is reducing, juice 3-4 lemons, yielding ¾-1 c lemon juice (depending on desired tartness). Refrigerate.
  4. Once blackberry simple syrup has reduced, strain & discard blackberry seeds & flesh.
  5. Refrigerate to cool, 30 minutes.
  6. In a medium glass pitcher, filled with 2-3 c crushed ice, combine blackberry simple syrup, lemon juice and sparkling mineral water. Add mint & stir gently to combine.
  7. Serves 4
*If you prefer a sweeter lemonade, make additional simple syrup as follows
  1. Bring 1 c sugar + 1 c water to boil over medium-high flame, stirring occasionally. Boil to reduce by half. Cool and add to sparkling lemonade to achieve desired sweetness.
  2. **This recipe is a 1:1:1.5 ratio, 1 c blackberry simple syrup, ¾-1 c lemon juice to 1½ c sparkling mineral water. To increase the yield, just follow this ratio.
Adapted from Food for a Year blog


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