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Stinky Bathroom Solutions: Prevent & Remove Everyday Odors

May 2019

I know I know…it’s not the most glamorous topic. But I think we can all agree this topic is, at the very least, important.

No matter if one person or 10 people use your home’s bathroom every day, it’s prone to some not-so-great smells. The three most common culprits of creating bathroom stench are: towels, drains, and toilets.

Towels may not seem like the most likely smell-producer, but the consistent dampness of both hand towels and bath towels alike can permeate smells throughout a bathroom. Odors cling to the moisture held in a towel’s fabric, while the moisture itself makes the surrounding air smell a bit musty. Wash towels in hot water (at least) one time each week. Then, hang on a towel rack, rather than the back of your bathroom door. This will help your towels dry faster and prevent stinky bacterial growth.

Drains inevitably get filled with everything from soap to toothpaste to hair. So much so that regular clearing of the drain with a snake may be necessary. Don’t be afraid to call in professionals. To prevent that more time-consuming (and disgusting) step, get into the habit of pouring ¼ cup of baking soda or 1 cup of vinegar with hot water down the drain weekly.

Toilets can keep odor around even if you clean the toilet bowl regularly with strong cleaner or even bleach. Brief odor is to be expected, but if it’s lingering longer, you may have an underlying problem. Check if the toilet wax ring is completely sealed or worn down. If it’s worn, call a professional. If its seal still looks sturdy, clean the area surrounding the toilet, including the base of the toilet and floor beneath.

If none of the above deep cleaning techniques eliminates lingering smells, you may have a ventilation issue. A humid bathroom holds on to smells…both good and bad. Fresh airflow can make all the difference, so make sure your bathroom vent is working properly.

Once the deepest cleaning is out of the way and ventilation is improved, you can enjoy an odor-free bathroom. The trick is to keep it that way. No matter what kind of cleaner you are one of these four refreshers will keep bathroom smells at bay.

1. For the DIYer

You can make your own toilet bombs for a routine refresher. Check out this easy recipe that uses essential oils, which have natural antimicrobial properties and leave a great lasting scent.

2. For the (lazier) DIYer

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil inside your toilet paper roll. Every time the toilet paper is unrolled, the scent will be released.

3. For the Shopper

The Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag removes scents, toxins, and allergens with natural charcoal. Plus, its natural absorant properties prevents mold by removing excess moisture in the air. It’s discrete enough to stow out of sight and powerful enough to keep even Master Bathrooms smelling fresh.

4. For the (impatient) Shopper

The best instant air freshener is the Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray. The spray contains no harsh chemicals, only pure essential oils that eliminate unpleasant toilet odors instantly. It’s subtler than a true air freshener or room spray that simply masks with heavy fragrance, so no one has to know your little secret.

Keeping your bathroom smelling fresh and clean doesn’t have to be a stinky task. Share your favorite smelly bathroom solutions with us in the comments below! 


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