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The Seurat Copper Bar Sink: Designing with the Sink in Mind

May 2017

The American Craftsman style of interior design is coming back in a big way. . The American Craftsman style of home was an architectural style that spanned from the late 1800’s to the 1930’s, but also a decorative style for the interior of the home. Bungalows, cabins, lodges, and farmhouses sometimes integrate this style with two-story square houses, bay windows, gables, turrets, breakfast nooks, and more. Architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Bernard Maybeck, David Owen Dryden and more all designed homes in this style. The style was inspired by the English Arts and Crafts movement of the 1860’s and some oriental wooden architecture elements. The English Arts and Crafts movement featured promoting the work of craftsmen and skilled artisans in the face of the Industrial Revolution. As a callback to this period, Sinkology continues to celebrate our skilled coppersmiths and artisans who hand make our copper sinks and fireclay sinks to this day.

The interior of these homes typically feature open floor plans, lots of wood (floors, cabinets, staircases, moulding, pillars, built-in shelving, etc.), wide doors, fireplaces, lots of windows, and many other features made from natural elements; like stone, brick, glass and tile. The perfect home for another natural material: copper. While copper is a beautiful addition to nearly any interior design style, it fits in extremely well with the American Craftsman style. The earthy tones of copper, the hand-hammered finish, the handmade nature of our product makes it the perfect complement to a craftsman-style bungalow. 

The Seurat is the perfect bar sink for a house like this. Many of these houses have large dining rooms and spacious kitchens. A perfect place for a prep sink, but also a perfect place to introduce a wet bar; especially if your house has a perfect little nook that these homes are known for. The style that we have put together for the Seurat copper bar sink includes many natural materials that would integrate perfectly into an American Craftsman style home.

Not only is the copper material ideal for this space, but the drop-in design helps you keep true to the craftsman approach of DIY. This copper bar sink will easily drop in to any pre-cut countertop. For this design, we chose a granite with a slight green to it and flecks of browns and blacks. Many of these homes favor oaks stained to a dark tone, so we chose brown cabinets. Another option for the bar top could be a piece of antique wooden furniture, like a buffet table, from the early 1900’s that would feel right at home in a home designed during the same time period. For our faucet, we selected this Pfister faucet in a Rustic Bronze finish to complete your perfect bar sink.

For the drain on this bar sink, we recommend this new basket drain from Sinkology. With a removable
 basket, this drain is perfect for a wet bar where the mixologist likes to garnish her cocktails with twists of lemons, orange slides, cocktail onions and more. This little drain, designed to fit Sinkology bar sinks, is the perfect first line of defense against wiggly little pimentos and maraschino cherries that are trying to clog up your drain.

To accessorize the space, think about rough-spun fabrics like these bar napkins, earthy paints, and natural materials for your light switches and outlet covers. But if you really want to finish the space in the perfect copper style, add some copper Moscow Mule mugs, copper shot glasses, and a copper ice bucket. While the Moscow Mule wasn’t popularized until the early 40’s, these mugs look perfect in any rustic or classic setting. Made from pure, solid copper, these mugs are bigger and heavier than most out there and would be perfect for a classic American party in a classic American home style. For a recipe for this classic American cocktail, check out this post and video.

Whether your home is architecturally designed in this style or not, many of the elements of an American Craftsman style can be pulled through nearly any style of home. Focus on natural materials, woods, handmade products, ornate decorations, eclectic furniture, and rough fabrics to make this style come to life in your home.

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