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The Thales Copper Bathtub: Designing with Copper in Mind

May 2017

Copper is a material that makes a statement. From our big and in-your-face farmhouse sinks to our impressive bathroom vessel sinks, we design all of our copper sinks to be, not only practical, but statement-making. While most people will gloss over a stainless or porcelain sink, they notice a copper sink. Similarly, freestanding bathtubs are always points of focus and discussion in any bathroom. Sinkology combines the statement-making nature of copper with the freestanding bathtub impressiveness through our line of handmade copper bathtubs.

The new Thales copper bathtub is the perfect addition to our growing copper tub collection. A more versatile design, the Thales was created specifically for the comfort of a single person and is intended to accommodate almost any size bathroom. Don’t be fooled by it’s 60-inch length though; its personality is big enough and bold enough to make a statement in even the largest bathrooms. Versatility is also demonstrated by it’s innovative faucet deck, which comes in 2-hole, 3-hole, and no-hole options.

In this particular bathroom design, we focused on a contemporary farmhouse look and wanted to demonstrate how to wrap your room design around a copper bathtub. With painted wood, a handcrafted towel hook project, white cabinets, and old-world drawer pulls, this room screams rustic with an intentional, modern flair.

The Thales Copper Bathtub

The Thales tub is handmade from 14-gauge pure, solid copper and is carefully coated with a durable finish that will ensure your copper bathtub looks beautiful for a lifetime. Sinkology copper bathtubs are skillfully hand-hammered and carefully finished by our team of skilled coppersmiths in our workshop; and each bathtub is inspected and tested multiple times to ensure no leaks and perfect performance – not to mention that they come with a lifetime warranty. The quality is there, and the beauty is obvious.

For your soaking needs, the Thales copper bathtub will help you better maintain your bath temperate. Because of the conductive nature of copper, the copper bathtub will heat up quicker and hold the heat longer than porcelain tubs. Also, because of the coated finish, you can use natural bath bombs without worry of damaging your tub. We love Lush for bath bombs. Cruelty-free and made from all natural ingredients, they have some great tried-and-true bombs, but are also always rotating their product offerings with the seasons and holidays. 

The Faucet and Tub Accessories

The faucet we selected to pair with this tub is a beautiful roman tub faucet from Pfister. This particular faucet comes in a rustic bronze finish and pairs perfectly with the copper bathtub and other accessories. The vintage feel of this faucet with the mix of modern functionality makes it the perfect fit for this contemporary farmhouse bathroom. Not to mention, we love watching the water cascade from the end of this faucet.

The overflow and drain come conveniently packaged together in kit from Sinkology. Both the drain and overflow grid come in a bronze finish that perfectly matches the tub and the faucet. 

The Decor

White painted wood floors are a great way to infuse a modern feel into old wood floors. The white will really brighten up the space and give an old farmhouse bathroom a cleaner feel. In addition, pairing your copper bathtub or copper bathroom sink with white cabinets, light countertops, and light floors and walls really makes the copper pop.

But white and copper does not a color palette make. We’ve infused some nice light watery tones with Ebb Tides and Splish Splash from Olympic Paint. These colors are also echoed in the stitched hand towel. The soap pump we’ve picked out also gives you an opportunity for some more color in the room. With the bronze pump and bottom, it pairs with copper tub and bronze faucet and drain, but with it’s clear container, you could infuse more watery aquas or stick with a cream colored hand soap. 

Additionally, we’ve picked out these vintage-looking drawer pulls from World Market to apply to the cabinetry for more of that old world feel.

The Towel Rack

We love a DIY approach. Many of our drop-in copper sinks and vessel sinks are designed specifically with the DIYer in mind. But we are in love with Pinterest and with our bloggers that are constantly coming up with great projects. This one is quick, simple, and highly functional.

We pulled an old piece of barn wood from between two animal stalls from a reclaimed barn in West Virginia. This piece of wormy chestnut has a slight reddish hue and a beautiful smooth surface. After some scrubbing and cleaning (which is always necessary with reclaimed wood), we applied a thin coat of polyurethane to give it a little shine. Then, we hit these feather hooks from Target with a little copper colored spray paint and voila! You have a great little towel rack that marries rustic with modern, and pairs beautifully with your copper bathtub and copper sink.

Here are the steps to create your own towel rack like this:

  • Cut and clean a piece of reclaimed barn wood
  • Apply thin coat of polyurethane to give the wood some shine
  • Spray paint hooks with copper spray paint
  • Attach hooks to wood (being careful that your screws don’t go all the way through the wood)
  • Attach hangers or hooks on the back to attach to the wall

Now through July 7, 2017, you can save up to $300 on the Thales at the Home Depot. The Thales tub comes with a reinforced faucet deck that can be optioned to have no faucet holes, 2 holes, or 3 holes – depending on the type of faucet you need.

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