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Top 10 #ShowUsYourSink Shares from Our Customers

Feb 2017

At Sinkology, we love seeing all of the creative and inspirational ways that our customers are designing their spaces with our copper, nickel, and fireclay sinks. It truly gives us a sense of pride that our products are inspiring people to create beautiful spaces in their kitchens and bathrooms. That’s why we started the #showusyoursink campaign. When a customer shares a photo of their installed Sinkology sink on one our social media channels using #showusyoursink, we send them a free Sinkology Copper Armor kit. These photos help to inspire us to create new and innovative designs, but they also help to inspire other customers to come up with their own ideas and interpretations of how to design around their Sinkology copper sink.

When we started the #showusyoursink campaign, we really had no idea that it would become so popular, or how incredibly talented and creative our customers could be! It’s amazing to see our sinks come to life in such unique ways in each of our customer’s homes. For our second edition of our Top 10 #showusyoursink, we have an array of sinks across the board, from bathroom, bar and bathtubs, and some of our best sellers.

We want to thank all of our loyal customers for sharing their inspiration with us, and we hope to also keep inspiring you! Follow us on Facebook, HouzzTwitter, Pinterest, or Instagram for more ideas and recommendations for your copper sink designs and spaces. And don’t forget to #showusyoursink!

To participate in our #showusyoursink campaign, follow us on InstagramTwitter, or Facebook and share a photo of your installed Sinkology sink to our feed. We’ll ask you to provide your shipping address via email and then we’ll ship out your free Sinkology Copper Armor kit! Thanks for participating!

The Monet Farmhouse Sink:

The Monet is one of our smaller copper farmhouse kitchen sinks, but still large enough to handle a big kitchen. This customer’s kitchen, with the light granite counters and white cabinets, really lets the Monet pop as a focal point in the space. The gray walls, white trim and earthy, natural elements makes this farmhouse sink feel right at home. The space also has great lighting on the sink because the sink has been installed in a corner. Not only does this brighten and accentuate the sink, but it allows for some great decorating behind the sink and on the window ledges.

For more information on the Monet copper farmhouse sink, check it out here. For an example of how we might design a kitchen around the Monet farmhouse sink, check out this blog post.

The Seurat Copper Bar and Prep Sink:

One of our most popular drop-in bar and prep sinks is the Seurat. All the bells and whistles of our kitchen copper sinks, but a fraction of the size. Perfect for your home bar or a prep sink in your kitchen, it’s the sink to help make your life that much easier. The light butcher block counter this customer chose looks stunning next to the rich copper; complementing each other perfectly. The dark faucet and colorful natural elements against the light countertop and white walls adds another striking element to the layout.

For more information on the Seurat bar and prep copper sink, click here.

The Adams Farmhouse Copper Sink:

The Adams is one of our most popular sinks and a favorite for customers; and it’s not hard to see why. The farmhouse sink lends itself to so many styles and designs of kitchens; it’s right at home almost anywhere. This customer’s all white kitchen lets the Adams really shine. You can’t help but notice it pop. The dark counters also bring out to the rich tones in the sink. This is a truly stunning kitchen. 

For more information about the Adams copper farmhouse sink, check it out here.

The Hobbes Nickel Vessel Sink:

Beyond just copper, we also have different finishes for sinks, including polished nickel. Our nickel bathroom sinks are a perfect alternative to copper with the same hammered look. Our Hobbes bathroom vessel sink is the nickel sister of the Confucius copper sink. With it’s low profile style, it provides a more modern touch with it’s unique boat-shaped design. This customer brought the elegance with this bathroom design. With the stunning modern faucet, the marble counters and the stainless steal accents, this bathroom feels like luxury. 

Click here for more information about the Hobbes polished nickel bathroom vessel sink. Or to see how we might design a bathroom around the Hobbes, check out this blog post.


The Euclid Copper Bathtub:

So, it’s not a sink, but it’s such a treat when we get to see customer photos of our amazing copper bathtubs. The Euclid is our quintessential copper soaking tub. Designed to make a statement and last a lifetime, this extra large bathtub will turn any bathroom into a spa retreat; just like this customer’s bathroom. The earth tones and elements make this bathroom feel like you just walked into a spa. The beautiful side-mounted faucet is the perfect compliment to this freestanding tub.

Check out our full line of copper bathtubs.


The Sisley Bar and Prep Sink:

The Sisley copper sink is a functional yet luxurious bar and prep copper sink designed for everyday living. This prep sink is designed to be the perfect size for any kitchen design and provide years of luxury. This undermount bar and prep sink looks incredible in this customer’s space. With the beautiful multi-colored granite countertops and natural texture / tone of the wooden backsplash, this sink is a show stopper when paired up with a full size copper kitchen sink.

Here is more information about the Sisley bar and prep copper sink. If you want to see our ideas about design around this sink, check out this blog post. And if you need a little more depth and size for this copper sink, we have a version of this sink in our Chef Series – a deluxe series of sinks with deeper bowls, tighter corners, and other features designed for the home chef to upgrade your kitchen.

The Bohr Nickel Vessel Bathroom Sink:

Nothing is “Bohr”-ing about this bathroom… Sorry, we had to. The Bohr polished nickel bath sink is designed to be an innovative and luxurious above-counter vessel sink. This individually handcrafted bathroom sink is made with 18-gauge hammered nickel, making this vessel sink durable and easy to clean. The bold and innovative design offers more than just a bathroom sink, it is a centerpiece for your bathroom and a work of art for your home. And bold and innovative is exactly what this customer did with their space. The mosaic backsplash blends perfectly with the shine of the sink, while meshing perfectly with the white marble countertop. Topped with a unique faucet, this bathroom is a modern dream. 

Click here for more information on the Bohr polished nickel bathroom sink.

The Orwell Copper Kitchen Sink:

The Orwell undermount copper kitchen sink is a chef’s dream. The large capacity sink makes clean up and cooking so much easier, and this customer found the perfect way to tie in the natural element of copper with other elements of nature. With their live edge butcher block countertop, this kitchen is a unique rustic dream. The colors of the wood and the copper, with the white backsplash make for a cozy and inviting kitchen. Having a live edge on a countertop can have its share of challenges (a rough feel when leaning, difficulty cleaning, etc.), but if you’re willing to deal with the challenges, it really makes a stunning statement.

For more information on the Orwell undermount copper sink, click here.


The Wallace Copper Bathroom Sink:

The Wallace bathroom sink is designed for everyday living to fit many applications and design styles. And our exclusive Dual-Flex Rim makes installation an effortless DIY project as copper sinks with this feature can be installed as a drop-in or undermount. This customer decided to go with the undermount approach, and their vision for the Wallace is stunning. The white marble counters and matching faucet make for a simple, clean, and elegant bathroom space that really make the dark sink pop in the canvas. Pure perfection. 

Click here for more information on the Wallace bathroom copper sink.

The Copernicus Spa Series Sink:

Vessel sinks are a callback to a time before indoor plumbing, when all sinks were basin-style. With these solid copper handles, one can easily imagine life on a frontier farm, where the basin is filled and carried inside by the handles to be placed on the farm table. And that is exactly what this customer did with their Spa Series Copernicus copper vessel sink. The wooden walls and unique tile countertops make this rustic bathroom feel homey and reminiscent all at the same time. 

Click here for more information on the Copernicus Spa Series copper vessel sink. Don’t like the handles? Check out this version of the Copernicus. If you’d like the whole package, like this customer did, check out the All-In-One Design Kit, which includes the faucet, drain, and more.

If you want to see more inspiration from our customers, check out our Customer Gallery page or the first edition of the Top 10 #ShowUsYourSink blog post. If you have any additional questions during your search for the perfect copper sink, our Sinkologists are here to help. Contact us or follow us on FacebookTwitterHouzzPinterest, or Instagram for more helpful tips and design ideas.