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Top 5 Kitchen Sink Materials

Sep 2018

Let’s face it: there are no shortages of kitchen sink options out there! From natural stone to cast iron to copper, the diversity of the material is amazing. It’s easy to see how shoppers get confused about finding the right material for your next kitchen sink. Understanding the different types of material available can help you make the right selection for your kitchen.

Why does sink material matter?
The material of your kitchen sink can impact the way you interact with it. For instance, different materials require different types of care and daily routine. If you are a busy household and you’re constantly rotating through dirty pots and pans, a material that is durable and easy to clean might work best for you. For other families, creating a show-stopping kitchen is worth a little more daily care and cleaning. Similarly, every material offers something different in terms of style and design. Some are strikingly unique (copper), while others offer a more mainstream look (cast iron and fireclay).

We’ve done the research for you and provided overviews of five of the most popular kitchen sink materials. Read more about each material to find out which is right for your home.

Top 5 Kitchen Sink Materials

Copper is one of the more unique sink materials available. The striking color and ongoing, changing patina (or surface) offer a look and style that ensure your sink stands out. Copper is not difficult to care for, despite common concern. In fact, copper is easy to clean in that it only requires a daily rinse and mild soap.

Fireclay is a relatively new addition to the sink market. This ultra-durable material is perfectly suited for pots and pans. Fireclay is named for the earthen material's ability to withstand incredibly high heat. The heat transforms the clay into the solid material that is incredibly durable and ideal for kitchen sinks, and fireclay is often seen in the popular farmhouse style sink.

Most Granite kitchen sinks are actually created from a composite, or a combination of granite dust and acrylic resins. High-quality granite composite forms a durable material that is non-porous and durable. Natural granite sinks are carved directly from granite stone as a full, seamless sink or one side at a time that are bonded together.

Cast Iron:
Known for their incredible durability, cast iron sinks are made entirely from iron-hence the name! The heavy material is typically coated with a porcelain enamel coating to offer the polished, finished look that makes these sinks so popular.

Stainless Steel:
One of the most affordable materials for kitchen sinks is stainless steel. The classic kitchen sink material is impervious to corrosion and does not allow bacteria to live, making it an appealing surface for food prep and family lifestyle.

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