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What’s In a Name? The Stories behind Sinkology’s Product Collections

Feb 2019

You may have noticed some changes over the past year from our team of Sinkologists. With every new product and concept that we thoughtfully design with our customers in mind, Sinkology has been reflecting on our product names. Over the past year, we have introduced three brand-new collections: the INSPIRE Collection, the JOURNEY Collection, and the ELEVATE Collection—and we have more exciting collections planned (stay tuned!).

But what’s behind the names of the Collections and the products within them? A LOT! We’ve taken our process of naming our products very seriously, and we hope you will find the excitement and creativity behind them inspiring for your own life. So, here’s the story behind our collection names—we can’t wait to hear what you think!

The INSPIRE Collection of Fireclay Kitchen Sinks

The Sinkology INSPIRE Collection of fireclay farmhouse sinks celebrates the creators of the world: the people who wake up, mess up, clean up, and start up all over again. At Sinkology, we want to inspire you to think differently; to see the beauty in your home and your life.  Our INSPIRE line of fireclay sinks offers the timeless style of farmhouse sinks, combining a classic look with modern functionality. Sinkology’s INSPIRED collection combines the beauty of farmhouse style sinks with the durability of fireclay—creating kitchen sinks designed to inspire your everyday life.

The INSPIRE Collection offers three distinct fireclay farmhouse sinks. From the compact Wilcox II to the traditional double-bowl Brooks II, you are sure to find the right fit for your space. Each INSPIRE style offers the same time-tested durability of fireclay in a classically beautiful apron-front farmhouse design.

The JOURNEY Collection of Granite Composite Kitchen Sinks

The Sinkology JOURNEY Collection of granite kitchen sinks honors the men and women who have put in the time, sweat, and energy to become masters of their craft. The JOURNEY Collection celebrates the path that you are on to improve your life, your family, and your home. At Sinkology, we’re proud to be part of your next home adventure.

The beauty of the collection is showcased by contemporary design: delicate metallic flecks add an element of quiet surprise to the sinks’ matte, uniform surface. The JOURNEY collection features Sinkology’s customized granite composite material that has been perfectly formulated to balance extreme durability with easy cleaning and a beautiful, understated finish. Our material is a very specific, highly tested combination of all-natural granite stone that is reinforced with acrylic resins for strength and durability.

The JOURNEY collection brings modern elegance and subtle strength to your home in two beautiful kitchen sink designs. The 33-inch, double bowl Whitney and the 33-inch, single bowl Camille are named after inspiring female sculptors: women who persevered in their journeys to becomes masters of their art.

Our granite kitchen sinks celebrate the journey of every family and every home, and we are honored to be a part of your story. Explore our granite kitchen sinks, accessories, care guides, and the story behind our JOURNEY collection.

The ELEVATE Collection of QuickFit Fireclay Sinks

Sinkology’s ELEVATE Collection makes it simple to upgrade the heart of your home with our QuickFit fireclay kitchen sinks. Designed to fit seamlessly into existing cabinets and countertops, the ELEVATE Collection adds the appeal and beauty of a classic fireclay sink with minimal modifications—making it simple for you to take your kitchen to the next level.

Our ELEVATE Collection honors the innovators who changed modern daily life in seemingly simple ways. With our QuickFit retrofit design, ELEVATE products are thoughtfully handcrafted to elevate the way we live and connect at home—making it simple to upgrade your kitchen and get back to the people and lives that surround it.

To make big changes without big hassles, you can trust Sinkology’s ELEVATE Collection of QuickFit Fireclay kitchen sinks.


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