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Night Mode

Matte Black Sinks


Toggle on the drama in your kitchen with a sleek and sexy matte black fireclay sink by SinkologyĀ®


NIGHT MODE by Sinkology logo


Experience Night Mode Like Never Before

Welcome to Night Mode, where we bring you the epitome of style and sophistication for your kitchen. Introducing our show-stopping Summer Night Matte Black sinks that will instantly elevate your kitchen to a whole new level of chic.



Change up your classic farmhouse kitchen with an ode to the beauty of clear summer nights. The depth of the black finish is softened by the matted surface, just like the depth of a black summer night is softened by starlight.


Embrace the Dark Side with Summer Night

Our Summer Night Matte Black fireclay sinks are designed to captivate your senses with their sleek, modern appeal. Crafted from our pure SureFireĀ® fireclay, these sinks boast a dramatic black finish that exudes elegance and complements any contemporary kitchen design. Experience the allure of Night Mode in your modern kitchen or bar every day with the captivating beauty of our Matte Black kitchen sinks.


Unmatched Quality & Durability

Beyond their striking aesthetics, our Summer Night Matte Black kitchen and bar sinks are built to last. Crafted with precision, these sinks are handcrafted and carefully engineered to withstand the test of time and daily use. The fireclay material ensures exceptional durability, while the smooth non-porous surface is effortless to clean and maintain. If that won’t satisfy your modern kitchen dreams, know that every one of our fireclay sinks is backed by our Lifetime Warranty – The Everyday Promise.


Versatility & Functionality

Whether you’re a passionate home chef or a social entertainer, our Summer Night Matte Black contemporary sinks are a perfect addition to your kitchen. With a spacious, single or double basin, you’ll have ample room for washing large pots and pans or prepping ingredients for your culinary masterpieces. Enjoy the seamless integration of sleek style and pure functionality in your kitchen with our versatile modern black sinks.

Summer Nights Never Felt So Cool