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Before and After: The Angelico Copper Kitchen Sink

Jul 2017

Nothing brings new life into a home like a room remodel. Recently, a customer shared this beautiful redesign of their kitchen with the Angelico drop-in copper kitchen sink. The Angelico is designed to be an easy DIY replacement project that anyone can do in a couple of hours and revitalize a tired kitchen. This customer decided to redesign the entire space with new cabinet doors and hardware, painted cabinets, new windows, new light fixtures, a new wine cabinet, fresh paint, and ornate wall tiles.

The didn’t demo the space, rip out islands, buy all new appliances, or even change out the countertops or flooring, but the space looks entirely like a different room. One of the most striking changes is the Angelico drop-in copper sink with that beautiful bronze faucet.

The contrast is stark and the results are jaw-dropping. 

Before the kitchen was nothing special. Blonde cabinets flushed out by white countertops and accent by a yellow paint. It was a popular combination in the late 90’s by a lot of homebuilders due to cost savings aspects of this approach. There was very little attention to detail.

The attention to detail in the after photos is tremendous. From the ornate subway tiles and backsplash mosaic to the glass-front cabinets with stylish place-setting displays, the detail is spot on. The copper sink is complemented by the copper colored light fixture and copper light switch and outlet covers. It’s always a good idea to pull your metals consistently through a room. The addition of a range hood is another beautiful detail that opens up a room and makes it feel much more airy.

The Angelico copper kitchen sink also is accented with the Rohe copper sink bottom grid. Coated in antique brown vinyl, this bottom grid protects your sink and your dishes alike.

Kitted for Your Design Convenience

The Angelico copper sink is also available as an all-in-one kit. Sinkology has hand-selected the rustic bronze Ashfield faucet from Pfister to complement the sink, and the kit also comes with your choice of a drain (basket strainer or disposal flange), a Rohe bottom grid, and a Sinkology Copper Armor Kit which protects your sink’s finish.

Have you recently renovated your bathroom or redesigned your kitchen with a Sinkology copper sink or copper bathtub? If so, please let us know! We’d love to see it!

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