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Budget-Friendly Bathroom Remodel

Feb 2022


When it comes to upgrading a bathroom, cosmetic renovations can be quite costly. (Let’s not even think about making any structural improvements for the same of making an inexpensive upgrade.) Moving major plumbing or installing new cabinetry typically require an expert touch that costs a pretty penny.

Plans of a bathroom remodel

The trick to any successful cost-effective bathroom remodel is taking on projects on your own that won’t break the bank. For example, you can expect to spend thousands on a new bathtub or shower alone, not including labor, but only hundreds for a new sink or faucet that you could install on your own. It’s true, you can get the same high impact look you love for a bargain when you make purposeful improvements.

Take a quick scan of your bathroom: What catches your eye the most? Does a portion of your bathroom stand out in a not-so-great way?

Looking at details of bathroom remodel plans

Is it at eye-level? How about your bathroom surfaces? Could your floors afford a refresh? Whatever you see, start there.


Our Top Efficient Eye-Level Improvements

Treat your walls like a blank slate, no matter what’s currently cluttering them.

  • Cover boring paint with textured wallpaper.
    • Look for neutral shades that will add subtle intrigue without overwhelming smaller spaces. On that note, hesitant homeowners can simply begin with one statement wall for an equally striking, low-cost improvement.
  • Add crisp white wainscoting.
    • If updating an entire wall is a bit ambitious, consider this simple upgrade that only extends as high as 48 inches on a wall. Our favorite feature of this upgrade? While you’re giving your bathroom a new look, you’ll be hiding those damaged areas you’ve put off patching for a while.
  • Add light-and-airy storage with floating shelves.
    • This weekend-approved upgrade will cost you far less time and money than a full cabinetry renovation while still getting the most out of unused wall space.


Our Favorite Surface Upgrades 

Forget a full countertop trade-out and stick with what’s on the surface instead.

  • Upgrade your bathroom sink.
    • If you want a budget-friendly upgrade with the most high-end effect, a new sink is the way to go. We promise it won’t come at a high cost, both for your time and money, especially with a Sinkology QuickFit All-In-One Kit.
  • Find a new favorite faucet.
    • Already love your sink? Accessorize it better with a fresh faucet.
  • Decorate intentionally with practical pieces.
    • Now we aren’t saying you should flood your countertops with every little nick-knack. Instead, pick one or two pieces that will make the overall space easier on your eyes and your morning routine easier to complete.


Our Most Recommended Floor Fixes

This improvement will feel as easy as walking on a cloud.

  • Replace worn-out rugs for luxurious linens.
    • Whether you make a statement with a brightly colored bathmat or focus on comfort with memory foam, this bathroom update can be easily checked off your list in one click.
  • Clean up your baseboards.
    • Chances are, your bathroom baseboards are filled with nicks and dents. A quick patch and a fresh coat of paint will frame your floor beautifully – and it will automatically look cleaner, too.
  • Hide outdated or damaged floors with luxury vinyl tiling (LVT)
    • Vinyl might have gotten a bad rap in the past, but this modern version can look as real as stone, tile or wood without the hefty price tag. Plus, you can avoid the added labor bill for this DIY-approved project.

Couple looking at their bathroom remodel plans

Bathroom remodels can be a bargain. Simply set your sights on what’s most important to you, what price is realistic for your budget and when you’d like to have it completed by. With those things in mind, your new-and-improved bathroom look will be ready before you know it.


If you have any additional questions during your search for the perfect copper, fireclay farmhouse sink or crafted stainless steel sink, our Sinkologists are here to help. Contact us or follow us on FacebookHouzzPinterest, Instagram, or TikTok for more helpful tips and design ideas.