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Fired Up About Fireclay

Jun 2018

If you love to follow home improvement and design trends (just like us!), then you know that fireclay is everything that we love—and there’s no signs that’s going to change any time soon. In fact, Sinkology’s INSPIRED collection of farmhouse sinks is exclusively made from fireclay material. Want to know what it is about fireclay that has us all fired up? We’ll share our favorite things about it, and we can’t wait to hear what you love, too!


What is fireclay?

Fireclay is a type of natural clay that is named for its ability to withstand incredibly high temperatures and becomes more solid and durable as it is fired. At Sinkology, we used this to our advantage. Using fine fireclay material, we fire each sink at temperatures that exceed 2100°F, which locks in the clay’s structure and creates a heavy, durable final product. Most sinks on the market, including Sinkology’s INSPIRED fireclay sinks, are finished with a sealant. We use our SureFireTM finish, which adds an impressive extra layer of shine and durability and enhances the crisp white color of the sink.



Why is fireclay perfect for sinks?

The combination of beauty and durability of fireclay sinks is hard to beat. Unlike a cast iron or porcelain sink, fireclay sinks are incredibly durable. During the firing process, the clay itself transforms into a dense, durable material that is ideal for handling the demands of a busy kitchen. Our fireclay sinks are guaranteed not to chip, crack, stain, or rust—meaning your sink can always look as beautiful as the day you bought it.



Is fireclay hard to keep clean?

Good news—fireclay is super simple to clean! In fact, Sinkology fireclay farmhouse sinks only need light daily cleaning or rinsing to ensure it remains bright and beautiful. We finish our sinks with the amazing SureFire finish, which coats the exterior of your sink and seals it from any stains or damage. There are a few best practices, like washing your sink regularly with warm soap and water and avoiding harsh chemicals and steel wool/metal cleaning pads. Other than that, just wipe it down and go!



What style of kitchen does fireclay match?

Here’s the best part: fireclay’s classic, timeless look matches any style! We offer three different sizes of farmhouse fireclay sink. The most important part of matching your kitchen’s style is picking the right faucet and handles. Sinkology makes that super easy by doing the hard work for you. Our All-in-One design kits match your favorite INSPIRED kitchen sink with the perfect Pfister faucet for every style: modern, transitional, traditional, and farmhouse.



Are fireclay sinks expensive?

At Sinkology, we pride ourselves on using high-quality materials to make beautifully affordable products for every budget. Our fireclay sinks are some of the best-priced on the market, and every sink is backed by our Everyday Promise Lifetime Guarantee. You don’t ever have to worry about quality when you buy from Sinkology. If you’re looking for a classic centerpiece for your kitchen, be sure to browse our INSPIRED collection.


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