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Copper Sink FAQs

Answers to the most typical questions we receive about copper sinks.

Why Sinkology?

Sinkology is dedicated to providing the best possible quality copper sinks, fireclay sinks, copper farmhouse sinks, kitchen / bathroom accessories, and more at the best possible price. We believe that a sink has the biggest impact when redesigning your kitchen or bathroom, more than tile, flooring, or lighting – especially when you bring home a copper sink or fireclay sink. With Sinkology, a simple thing like a copper sink or fireclay sink can transform your kitchen or bath without busting your budget.

Why copper sinks?

Copper sinks from Sinkology quickly and effortlessly transform your kitchen or bath more than any other renovation. It is naturally anti-microbial and easy to clean and maintain. Also, copper is a smart investment due to its high durability and Sinkology’s lifetime limited warranty.

Is Sinkology environmentally responsible?

Sinkology is committed to preserving the environment and we ensure that our practices and products have the smallest impact possible. Copper is a naturally occurring and fully recyclable product, and we do our best to do our part. Find out more.

How should I redesign my kitchen or bath in relation to the sink?

Sinkology believes each room should have a central focal point: a piece that is so stunningly beautiful that all other elements point to it and complement it. We believe a fireclay sink or a copper sink should be that element in every kitchen or bath redesign.

The sink is one of the busiest pieces in the kitchen, and we hope you are washing your hands every time you use the bathroom. Because of this high-volume of use and the visual connection (you look at your hands when you wash them, you look at your food when you wash it), your sink should be perfect. – Not only should it fit your style and be durable, but it should work with your room design and spark buzz and jealousy with friends and family.

Where should you start? Well, pick your dream sink first, and then consider counter tops that make that sink really pop. Ensure that your cabinets, tile, flooring are all consistent and complementary, but lighting is a critical piece to driving the eye towards that central copper sink. Creating a central focal point will reenergize your space and draw attention to the most beautiful piece in your room: the copper sink.

Check out our blog for a myriad of design ideas and inspiration. If you are looking for the right sink for you, check out our copper sink buying guide.

What is patina?

One of the most beautiful things a copper sink is its living finish or patina. The patina is a rich weathered finish that naturally occurs in copper. It builds over time with light and dark earth tones that act as a protective coating. This unique effect gives copper its natural anti-microbial properties and will continue to change over time.

Certain chemicals can strip the patina. However, because it is a living finish, it will heal itself and the sink will gradually return to the rich brown color and cover up spots and scratches. Find more information on Use and Care.

What materials are used in your sinks?

Sinkology copper products are crafted using the highest quality 14 to 18 gauge pure copper. We offer five unique durable finishes that are covered by our lifetime warranty.

Our fireclay sinks are from all-natural fireclay. Handmade by skilled artisans at our workshop, fireclay sinks are fired at extreme temperatures to bond clay and glaze which form a highly durable finish that resists stains, heat, and chipping. Because fireclay sinks are handmade, slight variations in exact dimensions may occur. However, we protect all of our sinks with our Sinkology SureFire Finish and a lifetime warranty.

How long until I receive my order?

At Sinkology, we strive to ship orders within 24 hours. However, delivery time will depend on the retail partner through which you purchase your Sinkology product. Our retail partners and links to their websites are available here. Please contact the retailer for estimated ship times. Some of our Special Orders may have different delivery times and will be specified at the time of order – usually 90 days or less.

Can I install my own sink from Sinkology?

You sure can! For your DIY project, we have many easy-to-install drop-in options. Our bathroom vessel sinks also come with all mounting hardware for an easy DIY installation. We also offer an exclusive Dual-Flex Rim on some of our sinks that allow them to be installed as either a drop-in or undermount. Copper sinks for farmhouse design are a little more difficult, and unless you are a contractor or able to cut your own cabinets, it’s better to leave that up to the professionals. All Sinkology basins, especially undermount and apron front installations, should be installed by professional installers. Check our installation guide for more information. We also have an installation video for more step-by-step instructions.

How do I design my kitchen or bathroom around a copper sink?

We design our quality copper sinks to be flexible and scalable to fit virtually any design. While we do feature some products that are more focused (like copper sinks for farmhouse design) or some of our vessel sinks, we offer a variety of metals, finishes, and materials, like our fireclay farmhouse sinks. For inspiration and idea-starters, check out our blog.

How do I care for my copper sink?

Sinkology strives to make copper sink care as easy as possible. We have created several resources to help people with cleaning copper sinks and caring for their copper. Here is a list of a few of those resources:

Additionally, Sinkology offers products that make cleaning and care of your copper sink or fireclay sink easy. See below for a listing:

Check our blog for more information and resources, or contact one of our Sinkologists with your copper sink or fireclay sink questions.