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gridlogic plate rack stainless steel

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GridLogic Latch-On Bottom Grid Kitchen Sink Organizer in Stainless Steel


The GridLogic kitchen sink bottom grid organizer from Sinkology's SinkSense line of accessories helps you make sense of your kitchen sink. GridLogic is an add-on accessory with six individual dish dividers that latches to your existing sink bottom grid to create organization and structure for separating glass, fine china, knives, pots and pans, and more. The vertical grid system maximizes the surface area of your sink by enabling you to safely stack dishes upright and organize your sink's space with easy modification to your GridLogic placement. With GridLogic's secure design, you can ensure your grid organizer is locked in place--yet it is easily removed for cleaning and flexibility. GridLogic is made with 7-gauge stainless steel and provides a custom look. The extra-large vertical spacing can even be used for larger kitchen items, like cutting boards and serving plates. GridLogic is made in the USA, dishwasher safe, and protected by the Sinkology Everyday Promise lifetime warranty.

  • Dimensions: 11.25" x 9" x 4"
  • 7-gauge
  • GridLogic’s secure design latches on to existing sink grids to offer six vertical dish dividers–ideal for separating plates to dry, storing cutting boards upright, or keeping large serving dishes from dominating your sink’s surface space
  • GridLogic is an easy addition to Sinkology’s custom kitchen sink grids. We designed GridLogic with our customers in mind to help you make the most out of your kitchen sink
  • Made with 7-guage stainless steel, the GridLogic add-on organizer is designed to last. The heavy-duty yet beautiful design enables you to securely separate dishes from one another without scratching or scraping even the finest china and glass pieces
  • Made with Stainless Steel for a custom look
  • Sinkology is proud to make our GridLogic product here in the USA, and we strive to make all our products easy to find and easy to buy
  • GridLogic is easily removed from your kitchen sink and is dishwasher safe for simple cleaning and ultimate flexibility. Like all Sinkology products, GridLogic is protected by the Sinkology Everyday Promise