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The Angelico: Designing with the Sink in Mind – Part 2

Jul 2016

The Angelico drop-in kitchen copper sink launched in late 2015 and quickly became one of Sinkology’s most popular sinks. With its large single bowl and easy DIY install design, it offers a lot of benefits for someone looking to quickly and easily update their kitchen to make a stunning impact. Soon, the Angelico copper sink will be available not only online, but exclusively at a Home Depot store near you. Look for it soon when it launches in nearly 1,000 Home Depot stores across the U.S. starting in August 2016.

angelico drop-in copper sink design kit for sinkology blog

With the growing popularity of the Angelico copper sink (1) and copper sinks in general in the realm of home design, we are continuing to provide our customers with design recommendations around your copper sink. For this kitchen design, we are exploring the growing trend of two-tone kitchen cabinets. Typically, designers will choose a darker color for the lower level of cabinetry (in this case we are looking at dark blues or dark grays), and use white cabinetry for the top level. This opens up the space  and provides great contrast and diversity in a kitchen space. Here’s an example of two-tone cabinets from HGTV.


In this space, the lighter cabinetry at the top of the room also helps accentuate the line of contrast between the lower half of the space and the upper, which draws the eye to the sink and countertop. A copper sink is the perfect choice when you have such a stark line of contrast as it as unique and bold as two-tone cabinetry.

Two-tone cabinetry has been a growing trend in kitchen design for years. Beyond simple aesthetics, it does several things for a kitchen space. First of all, it helps to create a focal point in the room, whether it be to create a focal plane or drive the eye to a specific object, like a kitchen island or chopping block. It can also help to provide weighting in a space with a lofty ceiling; darker cabinets below could bring balance to a room with high, bright ceilings. Also, if your kitchen is a little monotone, two-tone cabinets can greatly diversify the palette of the room. Not just with the cabinets, but they can open up entirely new color options and themes depending on which cabinet colors you select. In this case, the two-cabinets would create a focal plane on which this copper sink would be spotlighted.

The Angelico features a large single bowl, a reinforced faucet deck, and is handcrafted by our skilled artisans from industry-leading 99.98% pure, solid copper. The antique copper finish and large single bowl make this a striking centerpiece in any countertop, but a lighter colored top, like this example with mild browns, can really help the sink pop. White subway backsplashes are very on-trend right now, and are also beautiful additions that help the sink really stand out.

When designing a space around specific metals, like copper, it’s important to stay consistent or be intentionally eclectic. In this instance, we have stuck with copper tones. Because a copper sink is hammered and will patina naturally, you’ll see many tones of copper come to light in your copper sink. This makes picking copper hardware and accents simple because it opens up options like dark bronzes and brasses. These outlet covers, cabinet knobs, and drawer pulls come from the Home Depot.

Matching your hardware and cabinetry isn’t the only consideration. Many people wrestle with picking the perfect faucet and accessories for their copper sink. That’s where Sinkology makes it easy. We have partnered with Pfister faucets and Home Depot to bring you our all-in-one design kits. The design kit for the Angelico copper kitchen sink features the sink itself, a rustic bronze pull-down Pfister faucet (2), the Rohe bottom grid (3), a copper basket strainer, and a Sinkology Copper Armor kit. This takes the guesswork out of picking the right accessories. The rustic bronze finish of the faucet was meticulously selected by our Sinkologists to be the perfect complementary faucet to our copper sinks. Find the Angelico Design Kit here.

angelico copper sink drop-in design kit with faucet and drain

We’ve also worked hard to develop our custom bottom grids to perfectly fit the sink and protect your sink and your dishes from accidental drops. The bottom grids are vinyl coated and color-matched to look beautiful in the bottom of your sink bowl. 


Need more information about copper sink care? Check out our care page for additional tips. Also, be sure to check out our Copper Armor kit which is a protective wax which will help keep your sink in the best shape possible. Our team will be bringing even more style ideas and design inspirations for each of our unique and handmade sinks. For other interior design ideas and for inspiration around design with your copper sink in mind, check out our design blog.

If you have questions, our Sinkologists are here to help. Contact us or follow us on Facebook, HouzzTwitter, Pinterest, or Instagram for more helpful tips and design ideas.