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Sinkology Cares

A giveback program that enables our products and our brand to impact people across the world.

The Sinkology Cares Vision:

We want to change the lives of families in need in the best way we know how: creating the heart of the home—the kitchen—with high-quality, beautiful products and thoughtful design.


The Sinkology Cares Giveback Program is dedicated to providing care to families and organizations that align with our mission and vision.

We back all of the work we do with the Sinkology Everyday Promise, but our promise to customers goes beyond the lifetime guarantee that we offer on every product. It extends to our system of values that we uphold within our Sinkology team as well as within every interaction with our customers.

Our commitment to our word and living out our values also takes another form in Sinkology. We care about our products, our customers, and our community. This is why we developed Sinkology Cares: a giveback program that enables our products and our brand to impact people across the world.

Each year an annual event will be held to support families in need, by helping them build a better heart of their home – the kitchen. With our passion and support from trusted partners, we will provide everything from the sink and faucet to flooring and installation, to improve the lives of families near and far.


Here’s how it is going to work:

We are partnering with Community Housing Solutions (CHS), a nonprofit community housing organization that located in Greensboro, North Carolina, that provides home repairs to homeowners in Guilford County, supporting neighbors and neighborhoods. With a skilled construction staff and volunteer groups from the community, CHS works with homeowners who fall below specific income levels to make needed repairs making their homes warmer, drier and safer. This partnership will be integrated into CHS’s home repair and homeownership programs for low-income families and individuals.


The Sinkology Cares program is helping support families in need in two ways:

The first part of this partnership will include Sinkology Cares sponsoring one of CHS’s new construction homes by providing sinks, vanities, countertops, cabinets, hardware and faucets for this new home.

This results in a $10,000 or more savings for CHS. The average home repair cost is $5000 per home. The impact of this savings for CHS means that they will be able to serve two additional families with home repairs.

The second part of the partnership will include Sinkology Cares providing materials for the CHS home repair program. As new home repair projects are opened, CHS will evaluate if there are kitchen and bathroom needs that can be met by this partnership.

The impact of this investment is that CHS will then be able use existing dollars for additional home repairs to that home or new repairs to another home.


Our Partners

To make the Sinkology Cares program possible, we needed to find and partner with generous companies whose missions aligned with the vision of the Sinkology Cares program. Each of these companies is donating time, materials, expertise, and more to make the program the best it can be:

Featured Care Accessories

Proceeds from each purchase of a Sinkology CareIQ kit supports the Sinkology Cares Giveback Program and families in need.  

Become a part of the program. 

We are currently seeking an Interior Designer for our Fall 2020 Sinkology Cares team. If you attended Haven Conference 2019, then you are eligible for the partnership. Please visit the Sinkology Cares Designer Application to apply.