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The Best Farmhouse Sinks

Oct 2019

Our friend Jessica of @itty_bitty_farmhouse over on Instagram recently installed the Harper in her gorgeous kitchen. She was kind enough to share the whole process with us.

Pumpkins in the best farmhouse sinks, what can be any more fun than that? Well, I know just the sink that can hold all of the pumpkins that you need to wash. When we bought this house we had a farmhouse sink but it had marks on it and a divider. This sink to me was just like your everyday sink with the white farmhouse color. I was on the hunt for another sink and guess what, I found the perfect one!

A few months ago I had the opportunity to go to the Haven Conference, where I was lucky enough to meet some amazing people from Sinkology. They had such an amazing booth setup showcasing some of the products they had to offer and of course, I fell in love with them. I started to talk with them on what was the best sink for my kitchen, that would help create my dream kitchen. That is when we figured out the Harper sink was going to be the one for my kitchen. The picture below is of the pervious sink that was in our kitchen . This one was a drop-in style sink and the Harper sink needs a mount to hold it in place.

When I found out I had to build an under-mount, I am not even going to say I was not worried because I sure was. Well, I headed over to Sinkology page on how to build an under-mount and they had a step by step on how to build this. They also have partnered with the @BILTapp that has video that will help you install the sinks from Sinkology. The under-mount that we built was made out of 2×4’s and was so easy to build.

Once we had the mount build, the sink just sat right in and that was it. The best thing about the sinks from Sinkology beside the fact that they are easy to install, they also are very durable. I am going to be very honest, I am not the most gentle person on kitchen sinks.The best part about any sink from Sinkology they come with their everyday promise lifetime warranty. They create sinks that are for your everyday use without the concern of how you might hurt your sink. Sinkology has many types of sinks to offer. They have many types of kitchen sinks from your white fireclay farmhouse sink to the new hammerhead copper sink.

Even though everyone loves their farmhouse fireclay kitchen sinks, they also have amazing bathroom sinks. Sinkology has a sink for any remodel that you are looking to do. I am over the moon with my new Harper sink, I mean just look at all the pumpkins that this sinks holds. We all know that I love my pumpkins. Head over to their website and make sure you pick out your sink for your next upgrade. Thank you for stopping by the blog today, XOXO


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