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Early Fall Décor: Cooler Temps and Warmer Home Accents

Sep 2017

Sinkology is proud to present Kristan Allen, our design expert and guest blogger who runs the @FarmhouseRedefined Instagram. Kristan is here to share some design ideas and inspiration around designing your home around your copper sink.

The kids are back to school, the temperatures are cooling off and, dare I say, the leaves look like they’re starting to lose their summery green hue. As much as I love summer, autumn is definitely my favorite season and I find it really hard to wait until September to start breaking out the pumpkins. But now that we’re well into the month, I thought I’d share some of my fall décor. To me, this season is all about warmth – and I don’t just mean trying to keep warm in the cool temps. I’m talking the warmth of family and friends, quiet evenings at home and décor that is stylish and cozy.

Think Outside the Box (or Lantern!)

I tend to lean a little more toward the minimalist side when it comes to outdoor décor. That said, I always try to do something fun and unexpected on my front and side porches because they’re the first things that greet guests on their way in. I love looking for new ways to use tried-and-true favorites. Case in point: I had this oversized lantern in our master bedroom for years. It eventually made its way to our garage and has been sitting there unused. I dusted it off and turned it into a display case for a cute stack of pumpkins….whimsical, fun and completely unexpected!

Style in Layers

When it comes to outdoor décor, I love to think in layers and build from the ground up. It gives the eye more to focus on, plus it fills a space up more than if you were to stay on one level. Wooden crates are an easy go-to for helping to lift up certain elements you want to highlight. I found this old one in our barn, but you can get new crates (and ones that are meant to look aged!) at craft stores. I found a cute apple basket for this mum and perched it up on the crate for added height. It makes it look bigger and offsets my lantern. Easy, peasy!

Draw on Cozy Patterns and Mixed Textures

Moving indoors, I love to mix patterns and textures any time of year…but especially during fall! Nothing says “fall” to me like buffalo check. These enamel salad plates from Pottery Barn pull double duty at our house. They look great on the table, but I love propping them up on our kitchen bar, too. The black color puts a modern spin on a timeless pattern that, for me, practically screams crunchy leaves and brisk, fall air!

Capture the Warmth of Copper

Copper is always beautiful, but its warmth and depth make it especially at home during the autumn season. Copper is surprisingly versatile and I love to pair it with other finishes and textures throughout my home. I found this antique copper bucket at a flea market and immediately thought of 284 uses for it. First up – I potted a small mum in it and set it on my kitchen counter. Whether you’re using it in small accents or bigger showcase pieces – like a kitchen sink, perhaps! – copper will always add a touch of warmth and cozy-chic to your home.

Entertain with Comfort and Ease

Summer barbecues are great, but fall gatherings take on their own relaxed and comfortable vibe. Sinkology recently launched its new line of copper entertaining accessories and to say I’m in love is an understatement. I served Moscow Mules in these gorgeous mugs all summer…and a quick online search proves that there are plenty of fall-inspired Mule recipes to transition to the new season. But one of my favorite quick and easy fall drinks is warm cider. You can melt red hot candies in it – or add a shot of rum – for amped up flavor, but it looks and tastes great served up in these copper mugs. Fall happy hour at its finest!

How are you decorating and entertaining this autumn? Tag us (@Sinkology and @FarmhouseRedefined) on Instagram…we love to see what’s going on in your homes from season to season!

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