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Entertaining at Home: Easy Tips for a Fall Gathering

Oct 2018

Now that fall is officially upon us and the weather is starting to cool down, I find myself wanting to plan small, cozy get-togethers every weekend.  Nothing fancy – just a few friends, something warm in the crockpot or on the stove and some seasonal drinks! 

I feel like any party is a success as long as you have good food and drinks.  So I always try to do something fun in those departments!  For cool-weather dinners, something like a baked potato or taco bar always goes over well with guests of all ages (and they couldn’t be easier to prep)!  I use small bowls and risers to create a big spread where guests can help themselves and head back for seconds or thirds whenever they feel like it.  This is especially nice if your gathering centers around a football game (ours usually do!) where guests are “grazing” over a period of time. 

As far as seasonal sippers, I like to set out several options like pumpkin beer and the makings of an apple cider mimosa (champagne and cider) or apple cider Moscow mule (sparkling cider, vodka and ginger beer).  There are soooo many great fall drinks out there and a quick online or Pinterest search will turn up any number of easy (and more complicated!) recipes.  By offering up a seasonal beer and cocktail, plus wine and non-alcoholic options, there’s not too much fuss, but there’s something for everyone!

Another way I like to make things extra special is with designated mugs for everyone!  I use my Sinkology Copper Mugs and add fun name tags for an instant entertaining upgrade.   It doesn’t take long, but it shows your guests that you care and went the extra mile to make them feel welcome. 

I created these fall-inspired mug tags with a minimal amount of supplies. I found some burlap and felt leaves at my local dollar store, added a name tag to them and tied them to the copper mug with packaging twine, which is affordable and has a rustic, autumn feel to it.

I started by stacking the burlap, felt and name leaves. I love the look of hand-lettered tags…but alas, I’ve found that I don’t possess much talent in the calligraphy department. So here’s a tip: find a font you like in Word, Powerpoint, InDesign – whatever software you have. Type out your names and print them in a very light gray. Then just trace over them in metallic marker. Done!

After threading the leaves and name tag onto the twine, I tied them onto the copper mug handles and lined them up on my bar as a way to greet guests when they arrive. It’s not only a beautiful presentation, but it also helps everyone keep track of their mugs throughout the evening. Cheers to a fun party add-on that’s also useful…Happy Fall, Everyone!

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