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The Ernst: Designing with the Sink in Mind

Dec 2016

At Sinkology, we pride ourselves on helping you make your house a home all year round. But during the holidays, we feel a special pride knowing that our copper sinks are playing such a huge role in your kitchen. Whether you’re prepping or cleaning up, our copper sinks are there to handle your toughest jobs, and looking great while doing so.

For our Christmas edition of Designing with the sink in mind, we are highlighting our Ernst Farmhouse Apron Copper sink, which is on sale now at the Home Depot, as the Pfister + Sinkology Design Kit. The Ernst farmhouse copper sink features a curved front apron design that adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen design.  This kitchen sink is handcrafted from the finest 16-gauge pure solid copper by Sinkology’s team of skilled craftsman. The farmhouse design allows for flexible and functional design offering a wide range for almost any look. This unique design is built for every day living and can be at home in a rustic farmhouses, suburban hubs, or modern lofts. Adding one of the Pfister faucets along with our new sink SideKick Sponge Assistant, your sink is ready to take on the toughest holiday messes, including gingerbread houses and sugar cookies.

For this kitchen, we chose a rich wood countertop with clean white cabinets. Both of these choices will accentuate your amazing copper sink, while also looking modern, rustic, and cozy. Choosing a copper outlet covers is another great way to splash copper throughout your kitchen to tie in your sink.

Lucky for all of us, you can find multiple pieces of great décor in copper or mixed metals to decorate throughout your home to accentuate your copper sink in the kitchen! Small copper plates and cookie jars from Target are a perfect way to pull copper out of your kitchen and into the dining room.Accentuate the rustic feel of the copper by adding simple burlap touches in your table dressing or countertop decorations. Copper mugs are another great way of taking copper out into the home from the kitchen. If you are lucky enough to have a set of copper mugs, check out our Moscow Mule recipe. If not, keep your eyes peeled for awesomely priced, high-quality copper mugs from Sinkology coming in early 2017!

Whether your hosting the whole family for the big Christmas meal, or helping the kids prepare their favorite Christmas treats for Santa, your Sinkology sink is there to make your toughest jobs easy and look great. For more tips on how to clean your copper sink, check out our guide here.

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