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Fall in Love with Stainless Steel All Over Again

Jan 2022

Fall in Love with Stainless Steel All Over Again

At first sight, stainless steel sinks might seem to be a thing of the past. Seen in an endless number of kitchens for what seems like an eternity, this classic material isn’t exactly known for standing out. It has a reputation for taking more of a backseat in kitchen design – a casual friend, if you will. Now, it’s not that stainless steel has been considered “out of style” over the years. In fact, it’s one of the most popular sink materials on the market.

Known for its versatile look and natural resistance against heat and stains, stainless steel has been trusted by homeowners for decades. We at Sinkology love how stainless sinks have withstood the test of time, becoming a beloved staple in kitchens decade after decade. There’s a reason this material has been around for as long as it has. The natural metallic finish adds a sophisticated sheen, especially when paired with stainless steel appliances. Yet stainless steel sinks are versatile enough to fit in well with any type of kitchen décor or color scheme, across every budget and size.

But even with all these beloved benefits, stainless steel hasn’t exactly been deemed “in style” for that matter.

…That is, unless it’s been hand-hammered by skilled artisans.

Let us introduce you to the FORTIFY Collection of Crafted Stainless Steel sinks.

What sets Crafted Stainless Steel apart from the original metal?

We take time-tested stainless steel through an intricate hand-hammering process to enhance the natural qualities.

We start with 18-gauge stainless steel. This is a more premium stainless steel that boasts extra durability without excessive density. Its surface may be thin, but it’s anything but weak. It can withstand bumps, drops and scratches from everyday wear and tear.

Then, our team of artisans hammer, finish and polish each piece to create a stronger sink with remarkable style and luster. This hand-hammering process not only leads to a beautiful finish, but it also reinforces the sink’s innate durability, making Crafted Stainless Steel superior to standard stainless steel.

Our FORTIFY collection has five styles to fit with your space and style.

Percy – This extra-large single-bowl sink merges the classic stainless steel material with timeless a apron-front shape for a decidedly modern end-result.

Anning – Our double-bowl farmhouse sink offers plenty of space to wash, stack and so much more, all while creating a beautiful focal point.

Taylor – Its undermount installation style creates a much subtler statement than a standout farmhouse centerpiece, but it’s equally as striking.

Graham – The spacious basin provides plenty of room to take care of any kitchen need while the simple installation method lets DIYers tackle an easier kitchen upgrade.

Wilson – A perfect fit for a downstairs bar, laundry room or micro kitchen, the Wilson brings shining luxury to even the smallest spaces.

Every sink style is available in both brushed and polished. A brushed finish creates an understated, matte look. A polished finish is high-shin and high-impact. And, every sink is equipped with sound-dampening technology to diminish the sharp sound of striking metal. 

As you get to know the complete FORTIFY Collection, you’re sure to fall in love with stainless steel all over again.


If you have any additional questions during your search for the perfect copper, fireclay farmhouse sink or crafted stainless steel sink, our Sinkologists are here to help. Contact us or follow us on FacebookHouzzPinterest, Instagram, or TikTok for more helpful tips and design ideas.