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Our Five Favorite Flowers for Your Kitchen & Bathroom

Jun 2020
pink flowers in a stainless steel sink

With all this extra time in our homes, is it just us or are you also dreaming of bringing gorgeous springtime blooms indoors?

We knew it couldn’t be just us.

That’s why we’re listing our five favorite flowers that fit well in our favorite rooms: the bathroom and kitchen. Think beyond just standard bouquets of freshly cut flowers. Picture blooming beauties that last.

Speaking of long-lasting, if you want your indoor flowers to last, the environment must be taken into consideration. Take the bathroom, for example. It’s the most humid room in your house. And, probably not the brightest with little to no natural light. Orchids and eucalyptus are our current top two flowers for the bathroom. Why? They both thrive in a humid bathroom environment and prefer low light over direct sunlight – so much so that they will actually burn in excessive sunlight. But what’s the best way to style them in your bathroom?

Set of beautiful colorful orchid phalaenopsis flowers on white background

Orchids: With an array of colors to choose from, from pure white to vibrant pink, one stem is all you need to bring in some elegant beauty to your bathroom. We recommend you proudly display on your bathroom counter in a flowerpot that suits your bathroom’s color scheme. Look for the color of your orchid’s roots to determine if it needs extra care: brown roots are too wet, grey or white roots are too dry, while green roots are just right.

Eucalyptus round Green leaf Wreath, greenery branches,

Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus is having a moment. And we are here for it. The all-green stalks add an effortlessly earthy touch to sleek bathroom surfaces. While they’re equally as counter-worthy as orchids, we prefer them hanging eucalyptus in the shower. When hung from your showerhead, eucalyptus’ natural essential oil is released into the air with the help of your shower’s steam. With each shower, you’ll experience less congestion, inflammation, and stress. One bundle will last for anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months.

The kitchen, on the other hand, has varying environments from home to home. Some are well-lit while others are not. No matter the lighting, we love using jasmine and lavender in the kitchen because of their fragrance and appearance.

branch of Jasmine flowers

Jasmine: Jasmine’s natural fragrance is known for its calming properties. In fact, its naturally occurring essential oil is used to improve sleep and reduce anxiety, as well as an antiseptic. Jasmine will do best in a little bit of sunlight. Just be sure it’s kept in well-circulated air between 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit, like your kitchen island.

lavender flowers

Lavender: Like jasmine and eucalyptus, lavender is renowned for its soothing effect. We love planting in a rectangular rustic-chic container that’s beside a beautiful farmhouse kitchen sink. Keep in mind, not all lavender thrives indoors. Look for dwarf variety such as “Goodwin Creek Grey,” “Little Lottie,” or “Munstead.”

Last, but certainly not least, is the flower that thrives in any room: the Peace Lily.

Peace Lily Flowers

Peace Lily: This versatile plant is renowned for its beautiful white blossoms and NASA-approved air cleaning ability. Easy to care for in both humid bathrooms to dimly lit kitchens, all you need to do is watch out for any wilting and you’ll know it needs some water. What are our favorite flowers for your kitchen in bathroom? We’d love to see how you’re bringing spring blooms indoors. Share a picture with us on Instagram @Sinkology


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