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Holiday Coffee Station

Dec 2019

Our friend Jessica, @everydaypartymagazine on Instagram, recently updated her office kitchenette and shared the process with us.

We recently moved into the last office we will ever rent. My husband and I co-run his financial advisory firm, and EPM. We have rented an office space for both businesses for nearly a decade. And, this summer we found the most amazingly perfect space. It has a lobby downstairs, a lobby upstairs, a studio for me, an office for him, and a break room for our kids. And, it has a kitchenette. So, of course, I am using the new space as an opportunity to decorate, including decorating the kitchenette as a Holiday Coffee Station for our clients.

DIY Kitchenette Renovation

Y’all, let me tell you about this space when we signed our lease. The cabinets were the ugliest formica and wood trim things I have ever seen. Straight from 1981. The sink was rotting, and leaked, and the upper cabinets were just barely hanging on the wall with two screws. I couldn’t live with it, and before we signed any paperwork with the landlord, I asked if we could renovate the space. With his blessing to work on it, we signed the lease, and began an epic makeover.

We removed the upper cabinets and threw them out, then we discovered the light fixture was hard wired under the cabinets on the wall. So, we removed the light fixture and and the wires to the ceiling. Then, we painted and waxed the cabinets with DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint and Varnish. It took a few coats of each to hide the formica.

We decided to cover the walls with shiplap. We installed each piece with our nail gun, and stagger the edges. Then, we painted it with two coats of white paint.

Finally, we removed the old sink, faucet, and countertops. We replaced the counter with a gorgeous wood butcher block counter. My husband and I chose it for several reasons, one was the affordability, and another was the ability to continue to DIY the work. We would not have been able to cut a stone counter ourselves.

We cut the butcher block and part of the cabinets after watching the installation video from Sinkology, and reading the instructions several times.

Before we installed the sink, we checked the counter for level, and shimmed any areas that needed to be adjusted. Then, we caulked around the counters.

Finally, we installed the stunning Sinkology Josephine Sink and faucet.

Coffee Bar Ideas

Since our break room is a private area of our office, I wanted to make sure the walk through kitchenette was a space that matched the rest of our client spaces in the office. But, I also wanted it to look home-y and inviting, while serving as a very functional kitchen space.

The shelves above the counter are open, and allow me to change the look of the space each season or holiday. I have coffee pods and cocoa packages in small metal buckets. I also have shelf stable creamers and sugars in buckets. Coffee mugs are hung on a vintage style cup hanger. Our coffee maker can brew a full pot or just a small cup, making it perfect for small or large groups.

Holiday Coffee Bar

I couldn’t decorate our office and not decorated our coffee bar. The white coffee mugs were traded for buffalo plaid coffee mugs. The flowers were placed by a little tree. A basket was filled with ornaments, tree sprigs, and battery operated lights. Then, I added a few metal holiday houses and bottle brush trees to the shelves. Finally, a flour sack kitchen towel gets draped over the edge of our stunning Sinkology sink.


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