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In Love With Our Sink – The Bradstreet ll

Nov 2019

Our friend Rendi over at thevintagebucket on Instagram, recently installed the Bradstreet ll. Take a look as she shares about her experience installing the sink in her home, which is located on their gorgeous orchard!

Once we began the remodeling process of our home, there were a few key items I knew I wanted to ensure we incorporated into the new design. A farmhouse sink was at the top of my list for our tiny kitchen. After using a divided sink for the last 4 years, I could not wait to have a huge sink where I could actually fit a whole cookie sheet or casserole dish in it to soak. Since we were remodeling a tiny 840 square foot farmhouse, I could not purchase just any sink;I didn’t want one so large that it took up too much of my precious countertop space.

The Bradstreet II from Sinkology was the answer to all my sink desires. It was large enough for a good dish soak, but still small enough to allow for plenty of prep space.

As we remodeled our home, I brainstormed several ideas around the sink cabinetry. The extra cost for buying a cabinet built for this style of sink was not in our budget, and I could not justify spending money on a stock cabinet I then had to cutup to modify for the sink. After much thought, I approached my husband about building a table for the sink instead. The weight of the sink was the greatest factor and contributor to the table design, to ensure it would be strong enough to hold not only the substantial sink, but also if the sink was full of soapy water and dirty dishes. We came up with a beautiful design using salvaged tables legs to give it a custom look. I love the way it turned out, and could not wait to use it once everything was complete, and we were able to move in.

After our first family dinner, I couldn’t help but smile as our family of six piled their dirty plates into the sink on top of the pots and pans already present from cooking the meal. This sink held it all! Just not having dirty dishes spill out all over the countertops alone makes a kitchen feel cleaner, and that makes any momma happy! After I rinsed off all the dishes and loaded them into the dishwasher, I was so relieved to see that not one of the metal pots or pans, glass dishes, or metal utensils that were haphazardly tossed in, left a mark in the sink. No chips, black marks, rust spots, or dings. It was utterly flawless.A quick wipe down with the amazing little lavender sponge that accompanies the sink (which happens to be our children’s favorite thing ever due to the amazing smell), and it was like brand new .

Three weeks later, and I’m still in love with our Bradstreet II sink. It has seen a large washing of our or chard apples, a birthday party sleepover of 5 little girls, an extended family dinner for 14, and numerous breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for our brood of six. I’m thrilled to say it continues to hold up tremendously to the hard work load required by such a family as ours, and I’m looking forward to many more holidays and memories made around this kitchen sink.


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