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Introducing the REFINE Collection

Apr 2019

We believe everyone deserves to have a bathroom that is as polished as it is purposeful. You can have it all with the REFINE Collection of vitreous china sinks.

It’s easy to obsess over elegant bathroom sinks made with delicate materials and detailed designs, but at the end of the day we all need a sink that will work with our lifestyle. Our bathrooms are one of the busiest, most trafficked rooms of the home. So, while it needs to be enjoyable to use, more importantly, it must be resilient enough to withstand everyday wear.

That’s why we love vitreous china.

“Vitreous” literally means “glass-like,” but don’t let that fool you. This specific type of enamel coating is applied to ceramics after they’ve been fired, creating a tougher, denser, and shinier finish.

Though seemingly as fragile as porcelain, vitreous china is resistant to everyday life. The protective finish prevents bumps from everyday drops, discoloration from spills and set-in soap scum, and anything else a toddler or teenager might throw at it. Vitreous china is so durable it’s often used in commercial spaces as well as toilets and bathtubs. And the way we see it, if it can withstand that regular wear-and-tear, it’s the perfect material for any family’s busy bathroom sink. Plus, its smooth, naturally stain-resistant qualities help vitreous china sinks stand the test of time. The high-shine surface stays that way with a simple swipe of a soapy cloth.

Our REFINE Collection brings lasting beauty and swift upkeep to any bathroom. The collection of durable sinks features an irresistibly glossy, glass-like finish. Now, the “design-focused” and “function-first” can agree on one material. All that’s left is to choose the style.  

Each sink design from the REFINE Collection was inspired by famous glassmakers of the past. Their ability to sculpt eye-catching and jaw-dropping creations from a malleable material inspired our Sinkologists to channel their talents and patience into our latest bathroom sink collection.

The Rene, an oval, drop-in bathroom sink, was inspired by the tenacious work of René Jules Lalique, one of the world’s most famous glassmakers. Lalique crafted inspirations that were used in the daily world of his time, from installations in the SS Normandie, churches, vases, car décor, and more. His creativity, dedication to his craft, and ability to shape—and refine—materials into enchanting finished products made René Jules Lalique an ideal inspiration for Sinkology’s REFINE Collection of bathroom sinks.

The Louis is a beautiful, highly durable oval undermount bathroom sink inspired by widely celebrated stained glass artist Louis Comfort Tiffany. As a maker of stained glass windows and lamps, blown glass, jewelry, glass mosaics, and more, Tiffany was called on to decorate historic and incredible landmarks in our nation like the White House and the Mark Twain House.  While his family’s company—Tiffany & Co.—became known for its trademark jewelry, Louis Comfort Tiffany has been celebrated for his innovation in glasswork and intricate, highly refined colored glass lamps. His play on light, use of color, and dashes of the unexpected make Louis Comfort Tiffany an ideal artist of honor in Sinkology’s REFINE Collection of bathroom sinks.

The Carder, a sophisticated rectangular undermount bathroom sink, was named in honor of glassmaster Frederick Carder, an inspirational artist who was known for his experimentation with color and shape. Born in England, Carder left school at age 14 to work in his father’s pottery and later enrolled in night school to study chemistry. In his early adulthood, he started the Wordsley School of Art for glassworkers. When Carder and his family moved to the United States, he co-founded the Steuben Glass Works—later Corning Glass—in New York. Carder worked to advance the creation of glass artwork in the United States and worked until he retired from Corning Glass Works at age 96.

At Sinkology, we believe that the right sink can transform your bathroom into a refined space for reflection and restoration. With the REFINE Collection, you’ll refine your home’s style with simple, graceful bathroom products.


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