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2022 Buyer’s Guide: Kitchen Drains

May 2022

2022 Sinkology Buyers Guide Banner

So, you bought your kitchen sink. This means you’re ready to get started, right?

Not exactly.

But, you wouldn’t be the first to assume so. When homeowners purchase their kitchen sink, many breathe a sigh of relief, thinking, “Finally.” But selecting a kitchen sink is only just the beginning. Without functional attachments like drains and faucets, a sink would simply stay a decorative piece.

Now, if the thought of having to select accompanying accessories sends you deep into decision fatigue, keep reading. Over the next two weeks, we’ll give our recommendations for what to look for when selecting these finishing touches, starting with kitchen drains. 

1. Find a drain that fits your needs.

Fist thing’s first: select a drain that will help you use your kitchen sink best. For example, if you want your kitchen sink to connect to a garbage disposal, you’ll need a special drain made for this purpose. But don’t worry, specialty doesn’t mean hard to find. Sinkology disposal drains are compatible with most InSinkErator disposals and are easy to install.

If your kitchen isn’t equipped with a garbage disposal or one side of your double-basin sink doesn’t connect to a garbage disposal, look for a drain that will help you tackle your biggest stack of dirty dishes and prevent clogs from everyday buildup. Sinkology strainer drains have a removable basket strainer that keeps food debris out of your pipes when rinsing and a stopper that seals water in the basin while soaking.

2. Make your finish a perfect match.

This next tip you might find to be a little more exciting. Once you know how you’ll use your drain, it’s time to think beyond just the practical use and take your kitchen style into consideration.

We believe that the kitchen drain should always accentuate the kitchen sink. Now, at first, it might seem like this is an unnecessary detail. After all, the drain is attached to the bottom of the basin, hidden beneath the countertop. But we’ve found a purposeful drain is difficult to overlook. Picture an antique bronze sink drain that blends seamlessly into a copper sink basin or a matte black drain that picks up on the trendy matte finish of a modern Pfister faucet, updated cabinet pulls and high-end appliances. Then, compare that to a hodge-podge of materials and finishes from basin to countertop. Isn’t it easy to see that a beautifully coordinated drain is worth the effort?

3. Simplify the selection process.

When in the middle of a kitchen remodel or new home construction project, most homeowners will do anything to get to the finished product sooner. Rather than taking the time to shop around, you can choose just one All-in-One Kit. The Sinkology All-In-One Kits take the guesswork out of pairing the perfect drain with your preferred kitchen sink. All you’ll need to do is select your sink and determine which drain type you need. Then, we’ll recommend the add-ons you’ll need to complete your kitchen sink upgrade in one curated kit.

We hope this Buyer’s Guide has helped you understand the drain selection process better. If you have specific questions about our drains, contact us.  

Stay tuned for next week’s Buyer’s Guide: Kitchen Faucet Edition.


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