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We’re Crazy About this Design Touch: Mixed Metal Hardware

Apr 2020

After decades of committing entire households to only one type of hardware, mixed metals are finally a common sight in the interior design scene…and in every room.

Mixed metals have taken over. From what began as a few variations from one room to another we now see multiple metals used in one room alone. Maybe it’s due to our ever-growing desire for change or an increased amount of options, but no matter the reasoning for how we got here, there are endless ways to mix-and-match metals in your home’s hardware.

Now, when mixing, there needs to be some method to your metal madness. Keep in mind:

  • The best mixed metal design is intentional.
  • Just because it isn’t matchy-matchy, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t coordinate.
  • Your hardware, from bathroom to kitchen, should complement one another.

But how do you mix the right way?

We’ve wrapped up our top 5 ways to mix metals in your home:

Same Material, New Texture

For some, a slight variation of sheen can be enough of a change. Think smooth polished nickel hardware paired with a hammered nickel sink that has a brushed, antique finish in a room with rich-colored walls. In an all-white bathroom or kitchen, on the other hand, the difference between matte black and shiny can make a subtle impact.

Keep It in the (Color) Family

For others, a change in tone along with texture is better. Mixing materials of similar shades adds dimensionality to the kitchen or bathroom. Go for polished chrome with brush nickel. You’ll love the varying depths that do enough for your room without taking away from your favorite artwork or chandelier.

Warm Up to a Blend of Tones

This is where things start to get interesting. Mixing warm and cool tones is really what sets apart this trend from all others. Yes, chrome and brass can get along in one room. These opposites attract when one, like cool chrome, is shiny and the other, like warm brass, is brushed. Picture your favorite copper sink paired with a cool nickel faucet.

The Modern Classic Combo 

Out of all the combinations to choose from, it’s best to make one metal your dominant finish and one to two more as your accent. If you love your brass faucets you’ve used throughout your house for years, you could accent with matte black countertops in your kitchen and with a nickel sink in your bathroom. This consistency amid all the variation is sure to be the mixed metal trend that stands the test of time.

Ambitious Additions

Lastly, for those that are ready to dive into the mixed metal trend with both feet, go for three finishes in one room. Yes, a nickel sink, brass faucet and black light fixture can be beautiful together. When creating your combo, just keep our last tip in mind so your overall interior look stays cohesive.

Scared to get started? A great way to get comfortable with this style is to bring in one accent piece of contrasting style or color. If you have modern black hardware, imagine what a perfectly antique brass vase could do to your space. Plus, there’s less commitment with a countertop piece without having to change out all your hardware. 

We love every variation of this design touch. When selecting for your home, remember you want your metals to compliment one another, not compete.

Keep in mind, your mixed metals don’t need to be kept in the interior rooms alone. If you’ve recently renovated your kitchen or bathroom, exterior improvements are the way to go. The tiniest change on your door handle or door knocker, mail slot or light fixtures add instant curb appeal that will help your future sale price.


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