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Summer is Coming – And So Are New Bathroom Looks

Jun 2020

Summer is here…can you believe it? We certainly can’t. The spring season seemed to last an eternity. Frankly, we don’t even know what day it is. But, we don’t need to tell you that. We’re sure that you, like us, are ready to move onto something new, even beyond the fresh start of a new season alone.

We’ve all been cooped up in our homes, staring at our current room designs. If you are feeling inspired for change, good news: now is the perfect time to finally make the update of your dreams. Why not get started with a fresh bathroom pick-me-up project? After all, it’s the one room in your home where you can (actually) get away from every responsibility and relax in a bubblebath.  

Did we just hear a yeah right from you parents? That’s fair. If you have little ones at home full-time, the thought of a complete renovation may be a bit too much to take in. Let’s focus on one upgrade at a time, beginning in your master bathroom.

free standing dual bathroom vanities


Double vanities are a standard in both master bathrooms and kids’ bathrooms. It’s a simple equation: two sinks + one countertop = your average vanity. But this year, we’re seeing a new solution to a two-sink bathroom: one freestanding sink + another freestanding sink = the new vanity design for the decade. Whether pedestal, console or a cabinet base, there are plenty of variations to choose from.

Can’t fathom the thought of losing a full slab of granite countertop to keep your bathroom necessities in reach? What you lose in counter space you’ll gain in peace of mind knowing that you’ll never have to put up with your partner’s junk all over your countertop or your kids’ arguments. Be sure to top this upgrade up with two individual mirrors placed above each sink.

copper bathtub with claw feet


Your bathtub has the potential to be your most luxurious space in your home. You deserve to replace that basic built-in you’ve had for years. Or, for those of you that are currently stuck with a shower alone, now is your time to get the bathtub of your dreams. A freestanding claw foot tub is a fantastic way to upgrade. It fits perfectly in any existing bathtub space and is easily accompanied with a shower head overhead. But we say, why not think outside of the expected oval tub shape and experiment with a round or square tub? Now this is a bathtub you won’t get tired of.

tiled bathroom in green and white


While we will always be big fans of minimalistic, all-white bathrooms, we are loving the heavily saturated tiles homeowners are experimenting with this year. (And we think you should, too!) Picture rich jewel tones flooding your walls, then extending to your floors. Now that’s sure to make even your existing bathtub pop. Deep blues, greens, and purples will add so much warmth and elegance to your bathroom. But it’s not just about color alone. Matte has had quite the moment over the last few years or so, but now, it’s all about high-gloss shine.

We would love to see how your bathroom view has changed. Share your before/after photos with us on Instagram @Sinkology.


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