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On The Lookout – Finding a Perfect Home for a Copper Sink

Jan 2016

Patrick and Allison are looking for the perfect home for their next big move. With a true “designing with the sink in mind” approach, they have picked their dream kitchen sink (the Adams farmhouse sink from Sinkology) and are looking for the perfect place to spotlight it. They have a pretty clear picture of what they want and with the help of realtor Zack Conley, they are looking at several homes that fit their budget. 

Their home search shouldn’t be difficult, because copper sinks are at home in a variety of kitchen styles, but between Allison’s demands and Patrick’s bumbling, can they find their dream home with their dream kitchen?

Join them on their journey to find the perfect home for them and their copper sink in this 3-part video series from Sinkology, On the Lookout.

On The Lookout – Episode 1: We meet Patrick, Allison, and their copper sink. They sit down with real estate agency, Zack Conley, and plan their new home search.

On The Lookout – Episode 2: The tour of homes begin. Can Allison and Patrick be satisfied with the homes that Zack has selected to show them? Will one of them have the perfect kitchen for their copper sink?

On The Lookout – Episode 3: Patrick and Allison have finally made a home-buying decision. Which house did they choose and which one will be the perfect home for their copper sink?

Our team will be bringing more styles and design inspirations for more of our unique and handmade copper sinks. For more ideas on how to style your rooms around your copper sinks, check out our Pinterest page.

If you have any additional questions during your search, our Sinkologists are here to help. Contact us or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram for more helpful tips and design ideas. Or for how-to videos and more, visit us on YouTube.